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Ball State University Entrepreneurship Center
Offices: Muncie, Indiana
Risk, vision, and spirit are at the heart of the remarkable success of Ball State University's Entrepreneurship Center and its graduates. Achieving top national rankings since it was founded more than 20 years ago, the program has become well known as the "ultimate entrepreneurial experience." Ball State is home base for the National Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers.
Boston University Office of Technology Transfer
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Boston University Office of Technology Development provides both venture capital and access to Boston University and Boston Medical Center’s scientific and technical resources for growing companies. They invest in early stage technology and life science companies, license Boston University technology to corporations, and build new companies around promising technologies.


CalTech Office of Technology Transfer
Offices: Pasadena, California
CalTech Office of Technology Transfer is responsible for the licensing and transfer of technologies from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). OTT provides a service to Caltech faculty members, students, other Caltech researchers, and JPL technologists by protecting the intellectual property developed in their Caltech and JPL laboratories.
Center for Ventures Education
Offices: Kansas City, Kansas
Center for Ventures Education sponsors the Kauffman Fellowship, an educational program designed to educate and train emerging leaders in venture capital and high-growth companies. The Fellowship is dedicated to enhancing the human investment in the venture capital process globally. The Center is committed to enhancing the human investment in the venture capital process globally as it continues to build educational programs.
Clemson University Office of Technology Transfer
Offices: Clemson, South Carolina
The Office of Technology Transfer has University-wide responsibility to implement the objectives of the Patent Policy and the Computer Software Copyright Policy. In doing so, the Office coordinates all patent and copyright activities, including the review, marketing, and licensing of patents and computer software copyrights. The Office works in conjunction with the Clemson University Research Foundation (CURF).


DePaul University Entrepreneurship Center (CEC)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center is an entrepreneurship support organization (ESO) at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. The Center offers assistance and programs to help entrepreneurs succeed, particularly those who have completed their business planning process or have operating ventures. CEC gives entrepreneurs practical and thoughtful guidance to build their businesses.
Drexel University Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization Office
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Drexel University holds a unique place in higher education and research as Philadelphia's technological university. Drexel's Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization Office's mission is to commercialize Drexel intellectual property, to bring benefit to the society and to add value to the university, inventors and the community - in addition, foster entrepreneurial spirit at the University."


Harvard University Office of Technology & Trademark Licensing
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University's Office for Technology and Trademark Licensing (OTTL) is charged with: bringing University-generated intellectual property into public use as rapidly as possible while protecting academic freedoms and generating a financial return to the University, inventors and their departments; serving as a resource to faculty and staff on interactions with industry, and; protecting against unauthorized third-party use of the University's various trademarks.