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Apropos IT Ventures
Offices: Jerusalem, Israel
Apropos IT Ventures is Israel's leading expert in high technology investing. With a unique combination of world-class scientific expertise and industry leadership, they help entrepreneurs transform ideas into substantial, profitable businesses. They invest solely in technology-based companies at the seed and early stages of their lives. Their partners have been investing in Israeli technology and building successful companies since 1985.
Arbel Capital
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
The team at Arbel Capital specializes in providing a wide range of financial and advisory services for emerging, growth, technology-based companies. Combining in-depth technical know-how with significant business and capital markets experience, the firm provides intelligent financing solutions, tailor made to fit the diverse needs of their clients. Arbel's Goal is to establish long-term and mutually beneficial relationships.
Aviv Venture Capital
Offices: Gan, Israel
Aviv Venture Capital invests in Israeli related unique technology companies. They focus on mid stage companies who are at a phase of transforming from an "R&D project" to a "full scale" company. Israeli technology is well respected worldwide; however, Israeli companies are physically remote, creating challenges for deriving significant investor returns are in successfully bridging the geographical, cultural and professional gaps.


Benchmark Israel
Offices: Herzliya Pituach, Israel & Menlo Park, California
Benchmark's Israeli team is led by successful veterans of the startup process who understand what it takes to build lasting enterprises. To facilitate the transition of Israeli startups to U.S. markets, Benchmark's Israeli team has dedicated partners in both the USA and Israel. Their investments range in size from as little as $100,000 to as much as $10 or $15 million.
Bessemer Israel
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Bessemer began investing in Israel in 1992, recognizing that innovation knows no borders. Although geographically isolated, Israel’s concentration of engineering and business talent along with a culture valuing education, originality, and enterprise closely resembles that found in Silicon Valley. Far away from the world’s largest markets, Israeli start-ups must be global from inception, making them a good match for global fund like Bessemers’s.
BRM Capital
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
BRM Capital strives to invest in innovative companies, providing them with an appropriate blend of the business experience and financial resources necessary for building market leading companies and driving long-term shareholder value. With offices in both US and Israel, BRM Capital has a demonstrated track record in helping its portfolio companies successfully transition to the US marketplace.


Carmel Ventures
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Carmel Ventures is Israel's largest software focused fund. They are committed to helping talented entrepreneurs translate their vision and technology into successful global software companies. With $170 million under management, their investors include Citigroup, AOL Time Warner, Siemens, SwissLife, Partners Group and other leading worldwide corporations.
Catalyst Investments
Offices: Tel Aviv, Israel
The goal of Catalyst Investments is to provide maturing companies with the necessary resources to attain global leadership in their respective market sectors. They enhance the value of invested companies by using their wide European network, available operating platforms of their partners, diverse background of their managers and the emerging market conditions of the Israeli technology sector.
Cedar Advisors
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Founded in 1997, Cedar Advisors is a leading provider of investment and financial advice for high technology companies as well as the Israeli advisor to Cedar Fund, a $225 Million international venture capital firm. Within its advisory role to Cedar Fund, Cedar Advisors assists the Fund in identifying Israeli early stage, high tech investment opportunities in the telecommunications, networking, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software areas.
Cedar Fund
Offices: Herzliya, Israel & Cayman Islands
Cedar Fund seeks to invest in outstanding entrepreneurs pursuing high growth markets with distinguished technologies in the telecommunications, networking, Internet-infrastructure and enterprise software areas. With its quality investment track record and over $225 million under management, Cedar Fund is among the largest and most notable venture capital firms focusing on Israel-related, early stage investments.
Concord Ventures
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Concord Ventures is one of the leading venture firms in Israel. With $260 million under management, they concentrate their investments in early and later-stage companies in the areas of: telecommunications; software applications and Internet Infrastructure; medical technologies and biotechnology; and, semiconductors. They dedicate substantial time and resources to companies in their portfolio, taking an active role in strategic planning, recruiting and business development.