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Natixis Private Equity (NPE)
Offices: Paris, France
For over 20 years, Natixis Private Equity (NPE) has been one of the main pillars of the French private equity market, its unique economic model focused entirely on SMEs (enterprise value from €50 to €500 million ). NPE supports and finances from their inception, all NPE funds and is always the leading subscriber on behalf of third-party investors. NPE current commitments stand at €1,900 million in the management of its teams.
Offices: The Netherlands
NAVITAS Capital participates in companies with proven track records. They focus primarily on long-term corporate returns. Their yardsticks are solid entrepreneurial skills and strong market positions. NAVITAS has a flat management structure, enabling them to take decisions quickly, even when substantial sums are involved. As they do not have a 'closed end' structure, they do not have to dispose of companies within a few years of buying them.
Nazca Private Equity
Offices: Madrid, Spain
Nazca Capital is focused on managing private equity funds in Spain. Their activities involve investments, management support, monitoring and divestment in Spanish companies. Nazca has completed 13 investments with an aggregate enterprise value of over €350 million and 6 successful exits. At Nazca, they are passionate about their work and the companies in which they invest.
NBGI Private Equity
Offices: London, England
NBGI Private Equity was formed to invest in established small to medium-sized "traditional economy" businesses across the UK. This sector is the backbone of the economy but, as the marketplace has matured, it has become less well served by many private equity providers. Since their first fund of Euros 100m was launched in June 2000 they have rapidly established a strong reputation in the private equity market.


Offices: London, England
NESTA is one of the UK's largest seed-stage investors. Their fund is a compelling demonstration of how a blend of private and public capital can drive world-beating, innovative UK companies. It is a model which is increasingly becoming replicated across the country. They combine capital investment with non-financial support to help the UK's innovative early-stage companies turn their ideas into commercial success.
Neuhaus Partners
Offices: Hamburg, Germany
NNeuhaus Partners invests venture capital in companies from the information technology sector. With venture capital from their funds, they selectively support companies with outstanding managerial and technological advantages—in particular in growth markets. Since its founding, the fund has led portfolio companies to several IPOs and numerous trade sales.
Nexit Ventures
Offices: Helsinki, Finland & Saratoga, California
Nexit Ventures has its home bases in Scandinavia and Silicon Valley - the focal points of wireless and information technologies. The dual presence creates a unique transatlantic bridge and brings significant value to the portfolio companies. Examples of companies utilizing the Nexit transatlantic bridge include Ekahau, Futuremark and Hantro from Scandinavia to Silicon Valley; and Bitfone, Ecrio and Mobileway from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia.
Nextech Venture
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
Nextech Venture manages and advises three investment funds of USD 166 million with a focus on healthcare. Nextech I Life Science is an early-stage venture fund focusing on European early-stage healthcare and information technology companies. With its unique oncology focused funds Nextech II Oncology and Nextech III Oncology, Nextech Venture has become the world's major dedicated late-stage investor for leading oncology companies in USA, Europe and Asia.
Noble Group
Offices: Edinburgh-London, England
Founded in 1980, Noble Group is almost entirely owned by their management and employees with more than 100 employees. Their investment banking division provides services to more than 200 private and public companies, and they also act as adviser, sponsor and broker to more than 40 companies. Noble is proud to be the exclusive UK member of Global M&A the leading global partnership of independent corporate finance houses.