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M8 Capital
Offices: London, England
m8 Capital invests exclusively in mobile technology. That’s all they do. Mobile technology is changing everything we do. Mobile technology is enabling services, products and information to be more pervasive, more relevant, and more convenient. m8 Capital looks to support entrepreneurs and their companies, that are positioning themselves to be at the forefront of all things mobile. Their management team have extensive network of relationships across the globe.
Main Capital
Offices: BK Den, The Haag
Main Capital is a private equity company with a clear focus on media, leisure & technology-related sectors. They have top expertise in early and later-stage growth capital and small to medium-sized management buyouts. Main believes that with their dedicated market focus, they can contribute to potential portfolio companies by providing access to their large established network and by supplying in-depth market knowledge.
Mangrove Capital Partners
Offices: The Netherlands
Mangrove Capital Partners provides venture capital with a punch to entrepreneurs looking to build world class companies. Their mission is to help turn visions into realities by providing financing, thoughtful advice, relevant experience and deep industry relationships to their portfolio companies. They look to invest in companies operating Internet or software businesses as early as possible in their development.
Offices: London, England; The Netherlands & Hong Kong, China
mCapital is a specialist European and Asian multi-strategy manager that will focus on investing across the capital structure with core strengths in stressed, distressed, restructurings and development capital (private transactions). The “m” of mCapital refers to seasoned management. The company adopts the guiding principles of prudent risk management in the identification, evaluation, and execution of investment ideas to deliver superior investment returns on a risk adjusted basis to its investors.


MediaWin & Partners
Offices:  Luxembourg & Geneva, Switzerland
MediaWin & Partners's main philosophy is to create a center of excellence for investment in high quality, ethical content and programming, suitable for global distribution across all platforms. They focus exclusively on investments in the fast-growing media and communications industry, mainly in the US and Europe, with a primary interest in content companies that create products for business, entertainment, educational and humanitarian purposes.
Offices: London, England
MerchantBridge is a privately held direct investment firm founded over a decade ago by industry veterans and backed by prominent merchant families from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). They have established an extensive global network of corporate and government relationships, and have consistently delivered superior returns for their stakeholders. MerchantBridge offers cutting-edge and innovative opportunities across the MENA region and Europe.
Merus Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Merus Capital in 2007 to support the next generation of software and Internet entrepreneurs. Merus is an early-stage venture capital firm with a typical initial investment size ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000. Merus is often a company's first institutional investor and believe in a collaborative approach to business-building. They expect to be active investors and portfolio company supporters. In the evaluation of any investment opportunity, they strive for transparency and open communication.
Mid Europa Partners
Offices: Budapest, Hungary
Mid Europa Partners invests in businesses based in or with significant exposure to Central & Eastern Europe, with a focus on the new European Union member states and the EU accession candidate countries. Collectively, the Mid Europa team has experience executing deals in every major market of Central and Eastern Europe. They are positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities in the region.


Offices: Munich, Germany
MIG is a venture capital company managed by experienced SME entrepreneurs. Their accumulated experience forms the basis of their competence and confidence which they are happy to share with their portfolio businesses. To date, MIG has helped to realize more than twenty excellent business ideas and brought entrepreneurial visions a step closer to reality. Maybe your idea will be the next one?
Mint Capital
Offices: Moscow, Russia
As a response to Russia's recovery from the crisis of 1998, Mint Capital was founded in Moscow in 2000 to make private equity investments in entrepreneurial companies in Russia and the CIS. Mint Capital focuses on making expansion stage investments in rapidly growing companies that generally have positive operating cash flow and annual revenue of USD 10 - 100 million at the time of investment.
Montagu Private Equity
Offices: London, England
Montagu is a leading private equity investor in the European mid-market. They back management buyouts and growth companies, normally acting as the principal equity provider. They aim to create superior returns for their investors by making substantial investments in best-led and best-positioned companies they can find.
Offices: London, England
MyQube is an international venture capital and financial advisory firm focused on financing and supporting the development of private companies operating in the high-technology sector with attractive market opportunities in Europe and United States. The investment focus today includes high-tech hardware and software solutions, telecoms, infrastructures and enabling technologies.