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Lacuna Funds
Offices: Regensburg, Germany
The Lacuna Funds invest across the value-added chain of health care companies in the Asia-Pacific region. The fund mainly invests in medium-sized biotech companies offering exceptional growth prospects. With demonstrable success: thanks to the high quality of the investment decisions they have made.
LBO France
Offices: Paris, France
When LBO France was formed in 1985, it was one of France's very first private equity funds. The company, which is independently owned, seeks out leveraged buyout transactions in which it can generally acquire a majority stake. Over the years, LBO France has invested in 83 companies, representing a total enterprise value of €15bn. The various funds that LBO France operates are not specialized in any given sector.
Offices: London, England
LDC is a leading name in the UK mid-market with the capacity to support a business with the provision of up to 100m in private equity. They focus on MBOs, IBOs and development capital transactions from a network of regional offices, which ensures that they have a strong understanding of the markets in which they operate across the UK.
Langholm Capital
Offices: London, England
With their focus on growth markets, Langholm Capital has its eye on the future.  They thrive on understanding exciting, emerging trends in consumer behavior and demographic changes. Langhom knows the consumer space, they have enviable credentials to prove it, and they have the resources to dig deeper into spending patterns and thereby verify their intuition.
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden
Ledstiernan is one of the leading venture capital companies in the Nordic region, investing in the IT and telecom sectors with a special focus in communication technology. Ledstiernan has been investing in its current portfolio since 1999; it has 14 major holdings in companies where its average interest is 35 per cent. Most of Ledstiernan’s investments have been in entrepreneurial companies in their early phases and with the potential to achieve positions of market leadership.
LGT Capital Partners
Offices: Pfaffikon, Switzerland
LGT Capital Partners is one of Europe's leading alternative investment managers, with more than USD 11 billion in hedge funds and private equity assets on a global basis. Over the years, the team of over 90 dedicated professionals with 25 nationalities represented, has built an extensive network in the global private equity and hedge fund industries.
LGV Capital
Offices: London, England
LGV Capital is a well established provider of private equity in the UK mid-market and they have a 20 year history of successfully backing management teams in growing the value of their businesses. The LGV team arranges MBOs and MBIs which typically have a minimum transaction size of 50 million. LGV’s investment strategy seeks diversification by industry, with a focused portfolio of investments in the consumer, leisure, services and healthcare sectors.