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Kernel Capital
Offices: Cork-Dublin, Ireland
Kernel Capital is one of Ireland’s largest and most active venture capital funds. Established in 2002 the firm has an excellent portfolio of investee companies across, technology, life science and general industry. With investment funds of €165m under management through Kernel Capital and its associate company Seroba Kernel, they target opportunities in the €250k to €5m range.
KfW Mittelstandsbank
Offices: Frankfurt-Berlin-Bonn, Germany
KfW Mittelstandsbank brings together all KfW's offers for business start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises, thus promoting commercial investments over the entire life cycle of an enterprise. The SME financing products are structured according to the three pillars of loan, mezzanine and equity capital. In addition to investment finance, KfW Mittelstandsbank provides relevant information and advice.
Kima Ventures
Offices: Paris, France
The Kima Ventures fund was started in 2010 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to support and finance innovative companies with seed capital all over the world. Kima Ventures promotes the growth of startups, supporting them in the fastest and most effective ways: financing the early stages; pooling their resources; and, providing access to its network of partners.
Kinnevik New Ventures
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden
Within New Ventures, Kinnevik invests in sectors and markets characterized by high growth potential. Investments to date are in growth markets in which Kinnevik has a long tradition and a strong platform to capitalize on existing growth possibilities. Kinnevik’s new investments shall have a substantial market potential and the investments must have the conditions to grow through market growth and scalability.
Klesch & Company
Offices: London, England
Klesch & Company Limited focuses on making control equity investments across a broad spectrum of industries. Opportunistic in their approach, Klesch & Company is interested in acquiring businesses no longer considered central to the growth plans of their current owners. Such businesses may be non-core divisions of large corporations, secondary buy-outs, refinancings or disposals. The businesses can be stable or underperforming.
Kreos Capital
Offices: London, England
Kreos Capital, previously known as European Venture Partners (EVP), is Europe’s largest and leading venture debt provider. As the first dedicated venture debt provider in Europe in 1998, Kreos has adapted the experience of the US venture debt model to the European market. Since then, venture debt has become established as a complimentary financing tool for venture-backed companies in Europe and Israel.
KTH Chalmers Capital
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden
KTH Chalmers Capital assists exceptional entrepreneurs who have interesting technologies and attractive business models and are in the early phases of their company development. To accelerate and grow your business by leveraging their financial resources, their proven track-record of creating successful companies, and their personal commitment and involvement—contact them today.