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IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Offices: Berlin, Germany
IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft is provides venture capital for technology-oriented companies and companies from the creative industries. With support from their investment professionals, companies are able to get products ready for market faster and launch them successfully. Since 1997, syndicates involving IBB have provided companies with more than 650 m EUR. There after IBB Bet. contributed approximately 83 m EUR as lead-, co-lead- or co-investor.
Offices: London, England
In 1989, six experienced investment professionals joined together with a shared vision: to be the leading global partners for sub-investment grade finance and in particular mezzanine finance. Since then they have invested in a wide variety of transactions worth more than €9.6bn and are recognized as a leading independent provider of mezzanine finance in Europe with a growing presence in Asia-Pacific and North America.
ICSO Private Equity
Offices: Toulouse, France
Private Equity is a management company approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under number GP03018 for business capital investment. ICSO Private Equity is the largest independent regional actor in France. The firm manages mutual funds at risk (FCPR) and Investment Funds Proximity (FIP) to cover the needs for capital funding of the best companies in the West and South of France and Northern Spain.
IDI Group
Offices: Paris, France
IDI Group is a pioneer in private equity that has achieved a leadership position over the years. IDI Group was created in 1970 by French public authorities and privatized in 1987. Today, management ha a two-thirds controlling interest. Because it invest primarily its own equity capital, it is able to adopt a strategy based on pursing longer-term relationships. IDI investments cover LBO, mezzanine, emerging markets and hedge/stock funds.


iEurope Capital
Offices: Budapest, Hungary & New York, New York
iEurope Capital consists of investment professionals who have a proven track record for recognizing and building enterprise value. The partners have considerable operating and investment experience and are responsible for the identification, evaluation, approval and supervision of the Fund's investments. They believe their fundamental contributions are that they can identify weaknesses in an organization and provide solutions.
IK Investment Partners
Offices: London, England
IK Investment Partners (formerly known as Industri Kapital) is a European private equity firm with Nordic roots, managing €5.7 billion in fund commitments. IK acquires and develops companies with the objective of delivering attractive returns to their investors. They create lasting value by applying a hands-on operating approach in working with their portfolio companies and their management teams.
Imperial Innovations
Offices: London, England
Imperial Innovations combines the activities of technology transfer, company incubation and an early stage venture capital fund. Their people are experienced across a range of industry sectors including health, energy, environment and emerging technologies. They work with industry partners at all stages and they draw on a well established network of inventors, entrepreneurs and management.
Index Ventures
Offices: Geneva, Switzerland & London-Jersey, England
Index Ventures is a leading pan-European venture capital fund dedicated to investments in information technology and life sciences. Index proactively seeks out the top entrepreneurial teams in each investment area and leverages its core assets in helping the entrepreneurs build their company into a global leader. Index investments in the online services arena include Betfair, Ciao, Stepstone, Listen and Ofoto.
Offices: Stockholm-Malmo Sweden
Industrifonden is one of the largest players in the Swedish venture capital market. They have interests in more than 300 companies in all parts of Sweden. The total capital invested amounts to SEK 1.9 billion (about EUR 210 million). Industrifonden invests in cutting-edge, product-oriented companies  with export potential. They are normally small and medium-sized enterprises.