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Cambridge Capital Group
Offices: Cambridge, England
Cambridge Capital Group offers development funding for early stage technology based companies a private equity syndicate of angel investors. The backgrounds of their members include: semiconductors, chemicals, accountancy, consumer products, agriculture, banking and finance, specialist engineering, export marketing, healthcare, property development, software and IT.
Cambridge Gateway Fund
Offices: Cambridgeshire, England
The investment team at Cambridge Gateway draws on a wide range of experience from the commercial, financial and technical sectors in both the US and Europe. This enables them to provide critical assistance to their investment portfolio on a full range of issues. They understand the hurdles that management must overcome on the path to long-term commercial success.
CAM Private Equity
Offices: Cologne-Munich, Germany
CAM Private Equity is one of Europe's leading management and consulting firms for investments in private equity funds. CAM is a partner-managed company. CAM's success is largely due to their exclusive focus on private equity and an unusual combination of partners and employees with extensive experience and expertise in the areas of private equity, industry operations and professional asset management of financial institutions.
Candover Investments
Offices: London, England
Candover Investments specializes in arranging and leading large buyouts and buy-ins. They actively seek opportunities across Europe via their offices in London, Paris and Düsseldorf, and a local advisor in Madrid. To date they have invested in 120 deals with a total value of over €25 billion. Since 1980 over 80% of companies they have backed have achieved successful exits via stock market listings or trade sales.


Capital For Enterprise (CfEl)
Offices: Sheffield, England
The primary objective for Capital For Enterprise is to deliver the highest level of service to its customers and other stakeholders. To that end the company supports both existing programs and actively seeks new opportunities that increase the provision of capital for early stage SMEs in the UK. CfEl has 17 full-time expert staff as well as retaining specialist consultants and other professionals as required.
Offices: Berlin-Stuttgart, Germany
Capiton has invested capital of more than Euro 610 million, Capiton is a competent partner of many small and medium-sized enterprises and invests in promising, future-proof markets. Many years of experience, entrepreneurial thinking and a proactive approach characterize the highly qualified Capiton team that responds quickly and prudently to questions and market developments.
Offices: Helsinki, Finland
CapMan, one of the leading private equity investors in the Nordic countries, was founded in 1989. Its core business is private equity fund management and advisory services. The Group’s parent company, CapMan Plc, has been on the Main List of Helsinki Exchanges (OMHEX) since spring 2001. CapMan is specializes in mid-market buyouts in various industry sectors, technology investments in the ICT sector, and investments in life sciences.
Capricorn Venture Partners
Offices: Leuven, Belgium
Capricorn Venture Partners is an independent pan-European manager of venture capital funds that invest in innovative European companies with technology as competitive advantage. The investment team of Capricorn is composed of experienced investment managers with deep technology expertise and a broad industrial experience.
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
Capvis is the leading private equity firm in Switzerland and a top players in german-speaking Europe Capvis invests in well-positioned midsize firms, typically as part of succession solutions and corporate spin-offs. Capvis funds currently total EURO 900m. At Capvis, their aim is to take substantial ownership stakes in attractive firms, to support management teams in releasing new entrepreneurial potential.