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Baigo Capital
Offices: Frankfurt, Germany
Baigo Capital is the first European private equity firm dedicated to the healthcare sector. Its founding partners have over 60 years experience in the industry, in private equity and healthcare investment banking and have completed more than 50 healthcare transactions. The team is supported by an international industry advisory board comprising seasoned healthcare executives and healthcare entrepreneurs.
Balderton Capital
Offices: London, England
Balderton Capital is an early-stage venture firm that's based on the principles of teamwork and an intense dedication to building companies of lasting value. They provide superior service to entrepreneurs through a unique, team-oriented partnership. This team approach not only makes it more fun for them to come to work everyday, but more importantly, it benefits their portfolio companies. Instead of competing for resources, they share ideas, contacts and resources.
Bain Capital Europe
Offices: London, England
Bain Capital Europe's goal is to facilitate ownership transfers by delivering fair value to sellers on an expedited and discreet basis, while working closely with highly motivated management teams to develop value creation plans for the future of the business. Their ability to successfully understand and address the often-complex needs of sellers has resulted in more than 250 successful transactions to date.
Offices: Tallinn, Estonia
BaltCap is the leading private equity investor in the Baltic States. They provide equity capital for growth-oriented Baltic companies. Since 1995, they have invested into 38 different companies and completed 24 exits. Their team has a hands-on approach and works closely together with the company management. They believe that their experience and network of advisers contribute a lot to their portfolio companies’ success.


Bancroft Private Equity
Offices: London, England
Bancroft is a private equity firm that has been active exclusively in the region of Eastern Europe since 1989. Beginning as a mergers and acquisitions firm, Bancroft no longer performs advisory services and today its only activity is private equity fund management. Bancroft has made 7 investments in food manufacturing, foodservice, manufacturing, cable television, financial services and natural resources.
Banexi Venture Partners
Offices: Paris, France
Banexi Ventures Partners looks for a management team with a demonstrated ability to manage rapidly growing companies. They invests up to 10 M€ either on its own or alongside other investors. Before any investment decision is made, a thorough due diligence process is led by the sector analyst covering all aspects of technology, intellectual property, products, markets and distinctive advantages over competition. The basis of their analysis relies upon objective factors.
BankInvest Group
Offices: The Netherlands
The BankInvest Group is one of the leading independent asset managers in the Nordic region. The group offers investment expertise in several areas. Among these are the investments in global equities, where they have an unrivalled track record since 1989. BankInvest also invests in emerging markets equities and debts. The rising star is their ethical overlay.
Bank of Scotland Growth Equity
Offices: Edinburgh, Scotland
Over the years, Bank of Scotland has made direct equity investments into a variety of businesses, from small technology companies to the largest public companies. The experience of their team is put to good use when helping companies throughout the UK to achieve their acquisitive or organic expansion goals. Their Growth Equity team makes investments directly from the Bank's balance sheet, so they have the flexibility to work with management teams.
Barclays Private Equity
Offices: London-Manchester-Birmingham, England
Barclays Private Equity has a strong focus on change of ownership deals and have a core focus on businesses with an enterprise value of between €25m and €250m. Their five infrastructure funds cover the primary market for the development of new infrastructure, the secondary market for investment in operational infrastructure assets and a specialist fund for the development and management of student accommodation.