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Offices: Paris, France
XAnge Private Equity sees its investments as the start of a multi-year partnership based on transparency and mutual trust. A strategic ally of the portfolio companies, XAnge Private Equity works alongside the companies’ chief executives, especially at key moments in the portfolio companies’ development . XAnge focuses on contributing value-added without ever interfering in the company’s day-to-day management.


YFM Group
Offices: Leeds, England
With over 100 years of combined venture capital experience, YFM Group's investment team can quickly tell you whether your proposition is one for them. Following this initial assessment, their due diligence and approval process is designed to expedite completion of a transaction. The funds they manage keep a portion of the total monies available to support follow-on investment.
YL Ventures
Offices: Barcelona, Spain
The overriding investment strategy of YL Ventures is to invest in Internet, telecommunications and digital media software companies, accelerate their evolution via value-added governance and business development, and arrange their “medium size” (not home run) acquisitions within six to twenty-four months, mainly by US-based corporations.
Ysios Capital Partners
Offices: The Netherlands & Herzliya, Israel
Ysios's investment strategy allows for investments in early stage companies looking for first round funding through to later-stage or pharmaceutical spin-off companies. Their investments target companies focusing on product development in the biotechnology, emerging pharmaceuticals, healthcare and medical technology sectors.


Zernike Ventures
Offices: The Netherlands
Zernike Ventures covers more than 30 participations in the  Netherlands, Australia and United Kingdom. Zernike Ventures invests in companies that have a proven concept. The companies we are interested in have a maximal annual turnover of about Euro 15 million. Besides financing, Zernike Ventures can also provide the participations with the know-how of the whole Zernike Group, national and international, a so-called hands-on approach.
Zouk Ventures
Offices: London, England
Zouk Ventures is looking for disruptive technologies that create new market opportunities. Zouk is looking for experienced entrepreneurs that can leverage business opportunities in large underlying markets. They also encourage their portfolio companies to develop defensible positions and to create recurring revenue streams by developing technology-based service businesses.