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Offices: Hellerup, Denmark
Vaekstfondon looks for and invests in innovative companies that need venture capital to grow. Since 1992 they have financed growth in over 3,500 Danish companies for more than DKK 6.5 billion. They invest directly, via other funds or with private investors, business angels, pension funds, banks, etc. Vaekstfondon provides a broad spectrum of finance solutions for small as well as medium-sized companies—ranging from equity to loan guarantee.
Van den Ende & Deitmers
Offices: The Netherlands
Van den Ende & Deitmers focus on investments in West European companies with good international growth prospects through two venture capital funds. They combine strategic and operational insight with entrepreneurial understanding, hence their motto 'Investing with Passion'.
Van Herk Group
Offices: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Rotterdam-based Van Herk Group invests in real estate and in companies, focusing primarily on the Netherlands and the new EU member states. The Group began as a family business, and its history dates back more than half a century.
VCF Partners
Offices: Kent, England
VCF is one of the UK's longest established technology venture capital firms. Their first technology fund, raised in 1985, has achieved excellent returns and invested at an early stage in a number of world-class companies. They now manage two venture capital trusts with funds under management of over 60 million. They provide venture capital to IT, communications and technology based manufacturing.


Offices: Stellenbosch, South Africa
VenFin Limited is not a passive investor, and seeks to manage its investments actively through regular dialogue with other shareholders, directors and management of investee companies and by providing strategic input through board, audit and other committee representation and shareholders’ agreements.
Offices: Paris, France & Beijing-Shanghai, China
Since 1998, Ventech has been partnering with the best entrepreneurs in Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors. With more than €360 under management, Ventech selects and finances the most ambitious European projects and backs them to gain a global leadership position. Thanks to its initiative in China, Ventech is able to back investees in their development in Asia, and to invest locally through a dedicated fund.
Ventizz Capital Partners
Offices: Dusseldorf, Germany
Ventizz Capital Partners was established in 2000 as a private equity company focused on mature technology-oriented high-growth companies. The primary difference to other investors was and is the management's entrepreneurial background and experience in global operations. This experience spans both SMEs and large groups, strategic consulting for a leading firm of management consultants.
Offices: Paris, France & The Netherlands
Verdoso is a private investment holding founded in 1997 and focused on middle market direct investments in various of industries including manufacturing, value-added distribution and business services. The group proactively seeks to make constructive investments in companies in transition or facing operational challenges and which can benefit from both Verdoso's financial resources and entrepreneurial approach.


Verdane Capital
Offices: Oslo, Norway
Verdane Capital Advisors is the Nordic market's largest and most successful independent manager of secondary direct funds. Since 2003, Verdane has organized four secondary direct funds & co-investment pools, and the funds it advises have over €500 million of committed capital. The funds advised by Verdane Capital Advisors have acquired sixteen portfolios with stakes in over 200 companies.
Vestland Invest Langaker
Offices: Oslo, Norway
Vestland Invest Langaker invests mainly in Scandinavia, but considers occasionally investments outside this area. Their typical investment is between MUSD 1-6. Their investment horizon will normally be between 5-7 years, but as a privately founded investment vehicle they have no legal constraints on length of investment. Vetland has historically focused on helping their companies validate their product/service by creating alliances with large incumbents in the industries in which they invest.
Via Venture Partners
Offices: Hellerup, Denmark
Via Venture Partners is a EUR 130 million multi stage venture fund investing in exceptional companies in the Nordic region. They invest up to EUR 20 mill in growth companies ready to expand outside the Nordic region, but they also support seed and early stage ventures. Via Venture Partners is uniquely designed with the right mix of management, industry capabilities and financial strength.
ViewPoint Partners
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland & Frankfurt, Germany
ViewPoint Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm focusing on successful software technology companies across Europe. ViewPoint actively supports growth and international expansion. Through its specific investment model, ViewPoint facilitates sustainable value-creation by providing Expansion Capital, Buy-Out Capital, combined with Resources, Experience and Industry Network.


Viking Venture
Offices: Trondheim, Norway
Viking Venture is one of the leading technology focused venture funds in Norway with 200 million USD under management. The funds investment focus are companies within electronics, software, oil & gas, materials and clean technology. Viking Venture typically invests in companies that have passed the seed phase and is ready for the commercialization phase.
Vinci Capital
Offices: Lausanne, Switzerland
Vinci Capital is a private equity firm with over MCHF 200 under management. Since 1998 they have provided equity to over 30 Swiss technology and industrial companies to finance innovation, growth and succession-buyouts. Their investment team capitalizes on 40 years of cumulated experience in private equity and a solid operational background in growth, turn-around, consolidation, IPOs and M&A situations.
VI Partners
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
VI Partners is a venture capital firm that supports university spin-off's as well as other promising start-up companies with capital, coaching, consulting and networks. Via their current "Venture Incubator" fund VI Partners invests "Smart Money" to develop promising technology-based ideas for products and services into successful businesses. It now manages an investment fund of CHF 101 million.
VKR Holding
Offices: Hoersholm, Denmark
As an industrial investor is to own and develop a number of companies that bring daylight, fresh air and a better environment into people's everyday lives. KR Holdings' objective is to create value through active ownership of a number of model companies. The VKR Group has approx. 15,000 employees in more than 40 countries. VKR Holding is owned by the Kann Rasmussen family.