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UFG Private Equity
Offices: Bermuda
UFG Private Equity is a private equity investment firm with over $220 million in commitments and funds under management. Since its inception in 2005, the firm has invested over $330 million in a diversified portfolio of 16 companies in consumer, food, internet, media and telecommunications, travel, finance and other sectors of economy with an aggregate transaction value of over $1 billion.
UK Innovation Investment Fund (UKIIF)
Offices: London, England
Hermes Private Equity and the European Investment Fund manage elements of the UK Innovation Investment Fund. The fund was started in December of 2009 with 325 million of much needed funding to support the UK’s world-leading high-tech industry. Government’s cornerstone investment of 150 million in the UK Innovation Investment Fund leverages additional 175 million from investors.
Offices: Geneva, Switzerland
Unigestion's strong track record in private equity investments clearly demonstrates their skills and expertise in this area. Unigestion build private equity portfolios which focus on achieving the optimal levels of diversification, exposure and liquidity for their clients. These portfolios typically focus on buy-outs, venture capital assets and special situations funds, and are diversified across investment stages and regions.
Unilever Ventures
Offices: London, England
Unilever Ventures is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses. They provide venture capital funding and management skills to start-up businesses, and expansion capital to companies looking to accelerate growth. They focus on consumer-facing and technology-based businesses across Europe. They operate independently of Unilever, but have full access to its brands, R&D and wealth of expertise in bringing consumer goods to market.