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Target Partners
Offices: Munich, Germany
Target Partners is a venture capital partnership with a single, focused mission: to help entrepreneurs build highly successful companies. Their strategy succeeds through a unique combination of teamwork, excellent contacts, experience, professionalism, and a strong capital base. With over € 112 million under management, Target Partners is one of the best-capitalized "early stage" venture firms in Germany.
Taros Capital
Offices: The Netherlands
Taros Capital is an independent investment management firm focused on control investments in partnership with management in niche market leading businesses. Taros investments are in healthy businesses that have a leading position in their respective market niche. Taros investments are in partnership with the management teams of each business, and it has demonstrated the ability to create substantial value in its portfolio companies.
Tempo Capital Partners
Offices: London, England
Tempo is one of the leading investment firms in Europe in the field of “secondary direct ventures”. They create and advise funds which acquire, manage and realize portfolios of venture and growth capital investments. In January 2004, the founders of Tempo, David Tate and Olav Ostin established the venture division of Nova Capital. Tempo de-merged in early 2006 and is wholly-owned by its principals.
The Capital Fund
Offices: London, England
The Capital Fund is a 50 million venture capital fund which will be invested over a period of up to six years. The fund has a ten year life, extendable to twelve years. The Fund is focused on the equity gap and can make initial investments of up to 250,000 in London-based SMEs. After six months or more, the Fund can invest up to a further 250,000. Under certain circumstances, alongside other new investors, the Fund can invest up to 5m in a single company.
Thule Investments
Offices: Reykjavik, Iceland
Thule Investments is a private equity and venture fund management company. Thule Investments currently manages two funds, Bru Venture Capital and Bru II Venture Capital Fund S.C.A SICAR. The portfolios include assets in Iceland, USA, UK and Scandinavia.
TLcom Capital Partners
Offices: London, England & Rome-Milan, Italy 
TLcom has been investing since 1999 in information and communication technology companies across Europe and Israel. TLcom currently manages total commitments of €184 million. TLcom provides, in addition to finance, deep company building expertise based on the experience and breadth of skills within their team. They can help the best entrepreneurs create superior execution and a long-term competitive advantage.