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Rabo Private Equity
Offices: The Netherlands
Taking advantage of its access to all the expertise of the Rabobank Group, Rabo Private Equity serves its customers via three different specialized labels: Rabo Capital; Rabo Participaties, and; Rabo Ventures. Rabo Capital takes up majority stakes in Dutch companies ranging from EUR 10 million to EUR 100 million and acts as partner for local and foreign private equity houses or strategic parties.
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden & Oslo, Norway
Ratos is a listed private equity company. Ratos’s business concept is to generate, over time, the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in a number of selected companies and investment situations, where Ratos provides stock market players with a unique investment opportunity. Added value is created in connection with acquisition, development and divestment of companies.
R Capital
Offices: London, England
R Capital is a specialist private investment business providing growth and turnaround funding for UK and European businesses. R Capital moves quickly and effectively to assess and action investment and restructuring opportunities. R Capital has over €70m in funds and will consider transaction sizes from €0.5m.
Rite Ventures
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden
Rite Ventures is a venture capital firm founded 2007. They primarily invest in Nordic internet companies in their start-up or expansion phases but can be opportunistic when they find compelling opportunities. They involve themselves actively in their portfolio companies and support the entrepreneurs in their work. Rite invests for the long-term.
RJD Partners
Offices: London, England
Formerly Royal London Private Equity, RJD Partners was founded in 2001 and is majority-owned and controlled by the executive directors. Royal London Mutual Insurance Society, the UK’s second largest mutual insurance society retains a small minority shareholding. RJD backs entrepreneurial management teams to achieve the strategic ambitions and the full potential of their businesses.


Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC)
Offices: Stuttgart-Weilimdorf-Frankfurt, Germany
Robert Bosch Venture Capital is the corporate venture company of the Robert Bosch GmbH, one of the largest private companies worldwide with more than 45 billion Euros of sales. Founded in 1886, Bosch is a leading global supplier of automotive, industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology. RBVC invests in start-up companies either directly or via venture capital funds on a worldwide basis.
Rockley Group
Offices: Oxford, England
Rockley Group specializes in co-founding, growing and developing technology based businesses focused on large and timely markets. Their motivation is to build valuable companies that contribute to global sustainability and the improvement of human well-being through the effective use of technology. Rockley Group invests in and manages a portfolio of investment funds and businesses.
Rothschild Gestion
Offices: Paris, France
The Rothschild Group has been at the center of the world's financial markets for over 200 years. Its Paris-based Venture Capital team manages funds backed by leading European institutional investors. The team invests in first-class international projects led by exceptional entrepreneurs, in the Telecom, Semiconductor/EDA, Software and MedTech sectors. It invests between $1 million and $10 million to support company growth.
Rutland Partners
Offices: London, England
A Rutland Partners' investments will typically involve a UK company that is facing difficult strategic challenges or which may be underperforming, in need of restructuring or entering a period of change. The company will have defensive properties through its market niche, asset underpinning or other forms of competitive advantage and will ideally possess strong operating management.