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Active Capital
Offices: Irvine, California
Acting on calls for better access to equity capital at the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business, the SBA created the Angel Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net). ACE-Net has become Active Capital to express more accurately its proactive role in helping small businesses connect with private capital. Active Capital is the only low-cost Internet-based option to register securities for sale, up to $5 million/year.
Offices: London, England
AltAssets is an online news and information service. It is targeted specifically at institutional investors, although it is also visited by thousands of private equity firms and service providers. It contains up-to-the minute news coverage of the industry, plus opinions and analysis of the trends apparent in today’s private equity market—all written by their team of in-house journalists and researchers.
AlwaysOn (AO)
Offices: Woodside, California
AlwaysOn believes in the emergence of the always-on leader; the ambitious entrepreneurs who leverage always-on technologies—from Wi-Fi enabled handhelds to enterprise applications out on the web—to operate more virtually and productively. The always-on leader is increasingly meeting new partners, negotiating business, and communicating and building community with employees and customers over the Internet.
Angel Capital Network
Offices: Sausalito, California
Angel Capital Network is a boutique investment bank specializing in the private capital markets. They build long-term relationships with entrepreneurs and investors by helping them grow successful companies and profitable investments. Their professional team has decades of investment banking and consulting experience. They love working with companies that have revolutionary new technologies, high barriers to entry, and prospects for exceptional growth.
Offices: Irvine, California is an outgrowth of the Venture-Preneurs TM Network, which served the northeastern USA business community. Today, the Venture-Preneurs Network has evolved into, a virtual global network for the business community of Entrepreneurs seeking funding and growth, Investors seeking deal flow, business professionals seeking visibility and job seekers/employers. This unique virtual network serves as a learning environment.

-Angel- (cont.)

Offices: New York, New York
Angelsoft was founded in 2004 with a simple idea: to bring the power of collaboration technologies to the early-stage investment industry. Today, with 435 angel groups and VCs, 13,742 investors, and 2,700 new company applications a month, Angelsoft has become a vital ecosystem where real entrepreneurs and real investors meet and collaborate in the effort to build the best new companies of the 21st Century.
Asia Buyouts
Offices: Hong Kong, China
Asia Buyouts is the fastest growing resource for Asia private equity, firms, funds, news, industry information and more. Given our extensive knowledge of private equity, we have compiled a web-based store of the key private equity and private equity-related books, products and other materials. We are continually reviewing and adding items to the store, so please come back often to see what is new and updated.
Offices: Hong Kong, China
Since its launch in 1989, Asaimoney has been providing discerning reporting and analysis of the ins-and-outs of financial and investment markets for capital issuers, borrowers, institutional investors and senior corporate adn governmental monetary decision-makers with business interests in Asia-Pacific countries.
Asian Investor
Offices: London, England
Launched in 2000, AsianInvestor began life as a quarterly publication. AsianInvestor is the leading publication dedicated to the region's asset management industry. Published 10 times a year, it covers topics as diverse as alternative investments, securities services, pension reform, risk management, mutual funds, institutional investment trends and regulation across the region, including Japan.
Asian Venture Capital Journal
Offices: Hong Kong, China
The Asian Venture Capital Journal is a monthly magazine covering Asia's private equity and venture capital markets. Founded in 1988, the Journal is read on three continents as the publication of record on Asia's venture capital and private equity markets. AVCJ also publishes the leading magazine on Asian merger and acquisition activity, M&A Asia. Since November 1998, their publications have been distributed exclusively via the internet in their exact original format.