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RBC Venture Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec
RBC Venture Partners is a strategic investment arm of Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group specializing in pre-venture capital in selected high growth, emerging sectors, where a significant level of scientific, technological and entrepreneurial expertise and nurturing are needed to accelerate market-ready companies. Their mission is to create and invest in world leaders in the commercialization of science and technology in emerging growth sectors.
Rho Canada
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Rho Canada, based in Montreal, is dedicated to backing leading, early-stage technology-based companies. Formed in 2006, Rho Canada is affiliated with Rho Ventures in the US and leverages off Rho Ventures' 25+ years of experience in investing in venture-stage companies. The Rho Canada team are seasoned investors and serial entrepreneurs who have previously successfully built a number of venture-backed companies.
Richardson Capital
Offices: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Richardson Capital is the private equity division of Richardson Financial Group (RFG) and currently manages over $1 billion in assets through its two private equity funds. They are a dedicated team of investment professionals partnering their capital and expertise with that of Canadian entrepreneurs, managers and families to transition and develop growing businesses.
RoyNat Capital
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
RoyNat Capital has been providing unique financial solutions to businesses since 1962. They are a leading term debt, sub and mezzanine-debt and equity finance provider with over 1300 clients. RoyNat Capital manages a portfolio in excess of $2 billion including a mezzanine and equity portfolio of $250 million. RoyNat Capital believes in the growth of successful businesses through innovative, creative solutions.


Skypoint Capital
Offices: Ottawa, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec
Skypoint Capital provides early-stage equity to new or growing businesses with the potential to become major enterprises in telecommunications and information technology. Skypoint's track record of success in telecom venture capital stems from far-reaching experience in the industry, access to industry leaders and commitment to value-add mentoring. They seek entrepreneurs who have the vision, capabilities and courage to develop marketable technology.
Springbank TechVentures
Offices: Calgary, Alberta
SpringBank TechVentures is focused on venture and private equity investments in the financing rounds of companies involved in developing the enabling technologies, infrastructure and services to support the growth sectors of wireless, software, Internet and telecommunications. While being opportunistic in all these sectors, the General Partner has developed some very unique strengths within the wireless sector.
Summerhill Venture Partners
Offices: Toronto-Ottawa, Ontario & Boston, Massachusetts
Summerhill Venture Partners is a venture capital firm managing $175 million. Summerhill has built a track record of investing in and developing some of North America’s most successful emerging growth companies in the areas of communications, digital media and information technology. Summerhill Venture Partners is affiliated with the Bell Canada group of companies, which includes some of Canada’s most respected high-tech and media companies.