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Greenstone Venture Partners
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Greenstone Venture Partners provides venture capital funding and management support to promising early-stage technology companies located in Canada and the western United States. Since the Greenstone founders became an investment team in 1997 they have helped more than 25 innovative companies set and meet their goals through both financial investment as well as marketing, recruiting, future financings, securing customers and general corporate strategy.
GTI Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
GTI Capital selects early-stage technology companies that have what is required to grow into high-performance businesses and provides the financing, strategic, and networking support that allows them to realize the full potential of their business vision. With $100 million in capital under management, GTI Capital focuses on early-stage companies evolving in the information technology and telecom sectors.


Hydro Quebec CapiTech
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Hydro-Québec CapiTech is a corporate venture capital company set up to give Hydro-Québec a better understanding of energy-related products and services and enable it to take advantage of new business opportunities. It makes strategic investments in companies with products and services likely to foster the growth of Hydro-Québec's operations or improve its divisions' performance.