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Desjardins Venture Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Desjardins Venture Capital is the venture capital fund management arm of the Mouvement des caisses Desjardins. It manages the assets of Desjardins Venture Capital, a limited partnership, six Desjardins investment regional funds, as well as Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins, a public fund whose assets under management are projected to reach $1.425-billion over the next 10 years. Desjardins Venture Capital makes its network and expertise available to businesses.
Discovery Capital
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Established in 1986, Discovery Capital is one of Canada's most experienced technology venture capital firms. Discovery Capital has enhanced value for over 250 early-stage technology companies by providing proven expertise and positioning for liquidity. Discovery Capital focuses primarily on the enhancement of technology ventures, in the information technology, communications, health & life sciences, and advanced technologies sectors.


EdgeStone Capital Partners
Offices: Montreal, Quebec & Toronto, Ontario
EdgeStone Capital Partners manages in excess of $1.3 billion across five private capital funds, making it one of Canada's largest independent providers of capital to the mid-market. EdgeStone Capital Partners provides capital, strategic direction and business and financial advice to help promising early-stage and mid-market companies achieve their full potential. EdgeStone also leverages the resources of its broad business network.
Extreme Venture Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Extreme Venture Partners is focused on providing early stage venture capital and management expertise to help propel start-ups into the big-leagues. They work with smart people who have great ideas for disruptive businesses, and the energy and ability to deliver. VP has deep roots in the technology and investment communities. They like to take a hands-on approach, bringing a depth of technical and business expertise and resources with them.


Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
The Solidarity Fund QFL was created out of the Québec Federation of Labour’s desire to set up a venture capital firm in Québec whose mission would be to create and maintain quality jobs while at the same offering its shareholders a good return on their investment. Over the years, Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ has solidified its foundation by building  vast investment network across Québec.
Fundamental Technologies II (FTII)
Offices: Coquitlam, British Columbia
Fundamental Technologies II is a corporation that allows investors to participate in the returns from a portfolio of actively managed, synergistic investments in emerging technology companies. While solo angel investing can occasionally lead to some spectacular returns, on average they believe a vehicle like FTII is a better choice for most investors. FTII offers accredited investors a way to participate in this exciting asset class.