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Alberta Deal Generator (ADG)
Offices: Calgary, Alberta
For years, the business community in Alberta has called for more effective ways to bring together investors and entrepreneurs. The Alberta Deal Generator was created to connect active investors and qualified early and growth-stage companies. ADG is a joint venture of two not-for-profit agencies: Calgary Technologies and TEC Edmonton. The Alberta Deal Generator was created to connect active investors and qualified early and growth-stage companies.


BC Advantage Funds
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Advantage is a life sciences and technology fund that offers everyone in BC the opportunity to participate in returns from some of their Province's most promising young technology and life science companies. Investors receive a 30% refundable tax credit from the BC Government on investments of up to $200,000 per year. Advantage was co-founded by Dr. Don Rix, Frank Holler, Jim Heppell, Dr. Basil Peters and David Raffa.
BDC Venture Capital
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
BDC Venture Capital is a major venture capital investor in Canada, active at every stage of a company's development cycle, from start-up through expansion. Its focus is on technology-based businesses with high growth potential that are positioned to become dominant players in their markets. BDC Venture Capital has been involved in venture capital since 1975 and has invested in more than 400 different companies. It currently manages over $430 million in venture capital assets.
BDR Capital
Offices: Montreal, QC
BDR Capital is an innovative venture capital firm, highly focused and committed to providing excellent returns to its investors. BDR’s approach leverages operational expertise to help accelerate value creation within their portfolio companies. BDR identifies critical success factors for their companies, and then leverage their network and partners’ networks to find the best skill sets to nurture their companies.
Birch Hill Equity Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Birch Hill is a private equity partnership with a point-of-view on how this business should work. They've become Canada's mid-market leader in creating long-term value because they understand that capital is only one part of what it takes to succeed. The real key to unlocking value is smart, sustained business-building based on shared interests and guided by growth. Their partner companies are established leaders in their industries.
BlackBerry Partner Fund
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
The BlackBerry Partners Fund™ is a $150 million venture capital fund focused on applications and services including mobile commerce (payments, advertising, retailing and banking), vertical and horizontal enterprise applications, communications, social networking, location-based applications and services (navigation and mapping), media and entertainment, and lifestyle and personal productivity applications for the BlackBerry® and other mobile platforms.
BMO Equity Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
BMO Equity Partners aspires to be the financial partner of choice recognized for the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Inherent in every successful partnership is a relationship based on a clear understanding and alignment of the goals and objectives of the equity partners and the major stakeholders. BMO Equity Partners understands the importance of long-term value creation and has the expertise to assist management.
Brightspark Ventures
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Brightspark's team brings years of investment and technology expertise in creating and operating software companies in the areas of application and infrastructure software, enterprise software and communications software. Their experience allows them to work closely with entrepreneurs to identify emerging technologies and solutions that address large market opportunities. Their goal is to proactively engage young companies.