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Pacific Venture Group
Offices: Encino-Irvine, California
Pacific Venture Group serves as the lead investor in early and expansion-stage companies with high growth and profit potential across all segments of healthcare. Their venture capital professionals are committed to using their experience and contacts in concert with Management to build successful companies which are leaders in their industry. The firm currently manages two venture funds whose limited partners include pension funds, financial institutions, and healthcare companies.
Pappas Ventures
Offices: Durham-Research Triangle, North Carolina
At Pappas Ventures, their sole focus is investing in the life sciences—biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, drug delivery, medical devices and related ventures. their success, however, is not simply a product of investment capital. They bring experience, creativity and passion to each and every partnership. And in so doing, they’re bringing promising technologies to commercial application—from concept to commerce.
Pearl Street Venture Funds
Offices: Indianapolis, Indiana
Pearl Street Venture Funds’ strategy is to invest in therapeutic product companies that develop and integrate the “next generation” of technologies. These companies would ideally fill the pipelines of large pharmaceutical companies with drugs that have the potential to treat the underlying causes of important human diseases.
Persistence Capital Partners (PCP)
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
Persistence Capital Partners is a private equity fund exclusively focused on high-growth opportunities in the healthcare field. With their deep industry expertise, PCP aims to create significant long term capital appreciation by identifying and developing attractive investment opportunities in the healthcare market, with a focus on healthcare services businesses across a broad spectrum of the healthcare sector.


Phoenix IP Ventures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix IP Ventures is a fully integrated private equity and venture capital fund which specializes in the life sciences, principally in the pharmaceutical sector. Phoenix IP acquires intellectual property protected assets that meet their criteria for value maximization. Through their proven approaches they identify any challenges associated with this assets and address them in order to exploit their full potential.
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse (PLSG)
Offices: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse was created specifically to build on Pittsburgh's strengths in the Life Sciences enabling the region to become a premier national and international center in their targeted areas. By helping researchers and entrepreneurs get their ideas and discoveries into the marketplace, PLSG will help build the critical mass of Life Sciences organizations necessary to improve the regional economy and quality of life.
Portal Capital
Offices: Cleveland, Ohio
Portal Capital is a private equity investment firm that specializes in small-market private equity investments in life science related companies. Portal Capital typically seeks a controlling or substantial-minority positions in North American-based early-stage companies through a range of transaction structures—leveraged buyouts, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations, orphaned technologies, build-ups, and growth financings.
POSCO BioVentures
Offices: Carlsbad, California
POSCO BioVentures is a venture capital fund dedicated solely to biotechnology investments. POSCO BioVentures has only one limited partner, POSCO, the $20 billion Korean steel company through its American subsidiary POSAM. POSCO has made a strategic decision to diversify, and the first step in its diversification strategy is focused on building a biotechnology business. Investments are made across all stages of early company development and in a variety of disciplines.