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Care Capital
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey
Care Capital invests in life science companies, with a particular focus on later stage pharmaceutical and biotechnology enterprises. They bring to bear many strengths in evaluating potential investment opportunities or assisting managements with specific scientific, strategic or operational issues. They have many decades of experience successfully building and leading large life science enterprises.
CentreStone Ventures
Offices: Winnipeg, Manitoba
CentreStone Ventures is a life sciences focused venture capital fund investing primarily in companies developing early stage therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and new drug delivery methods. Companies that interest CentreStone develop products for large markets with unmet clinical needs. They have technologies based on solid intellectual property, a combination of entrepreneurial and technical expertise.
Channel Medical Partners
Offices: Skokie, Illinois
Channel Medical Partners seeks out high quality late stage investments in medical technology companies. They recognize that late-stage private financing for medical technology companies is often time consuming and difficult to complete. This stage of financing has historically represented a narrow channel or bottleneck for emerging growth companies—capital provided by earlier stage venture capital investors and institutions.
Charter Life Sciences (CLS)
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Cincinnati, Ohio
Charter Life Sciences is a clinical stage life sciences venture capital investor. CLS makes initial portfolio company investments in life sciences companies that are seeking capital to obtain initial clinical proof-of-efficacy of their products, and they continue to support their successful portfolio companies with follow on investments until they are acquired or go public.
CHL Medical Partners
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut
The people at CHL Medical Partners have been active founders of leading medical technology companies for over two decades, providing capital support to over 80 companies in the sector, the majority of which have grown to become successful publicly traded entities. They work closely with entrepreneurs at each stage of a company's development, actively participating in creating and executing business development strategies.