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Bay City Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Bay City Capital was established in 1997 as an equal partnership between The Craves Group and certain Pritzker family business interests for the purpose of managing investment funds in the life sciences industry and related activities. Since that date, they’ve managed four life sciences investment funds representing $476 million in committed capital, invested in 50 companies.
BB Biotech Ventures
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland
BB Biotech AG was founded in November 1993 as an investment company and invests in biotech companies globally. BB Biotech has meanwhile become one of the largest pure play biotech investors. BB Biotech shares are listed on the Swiss Stock Market, in the "TecDax" in Germany and the Italian "Star-Segment". BB Biotech offers its shareholders the opportunity to participate in biotech growth with above-average appreciation potential.
Beeken Petty O'Keefe
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Beeken Petty O'Keefe is a private equity management firm founded in 1996 to invest in middle-market buy-out transactions, recapitalizations, and growth platforms in the health care industry. They pride themselves in maintaining a collaborative relationship among all of their partners and portfolio company executives, ensuring all portfolio companies access to the full range of the firm's experience and intellectual resources.
Offices: Philadelphia-Radnor, Pennsilvania
BioAdvance provides funding to startup life sciences companies in Southeastern Pennsylvania through its Greenhouse Fund.  They invest in therapeutics, devices, diagnostics and platform technologies focused on human health. Since its first investments in 2003, BioAdvance has become one of the nation's leading investors providing pre-seed and seed-stage funding. To date they have committed $19.6 million to 29 seed-stage companies and 15 pre-seed investments.

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BioFrontier Partners
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
BioFrontier Partners, an independent biotech venture firm, has been expanded to target investments in biotech companies. Extensive expertise and experience against the background of the network, ranging from technology development to support participation in management has conducted hands-on investment for all investment companies.
Biogen Idec New Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
New Ventures is Biogen Idec's corporate venture group, which was formed in 2004 with an initial commitment of $100 million for strategic investments in emerging biotech companies. Their strategy is to select investments in companies developing innovative human therapeutic products or technologies that will drive product discovery and development more efficiently.
BioMed Partners
Offices: Basel, Switzerland
BioMed Partners is one of the leading European venture capital firms providing private equity and mezzanine financing to early- and mid-stage healthcare and human life science companies. BioMed targets the entire industry with special focus on pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and medical technology. Their team consists of experienced investment professionals with extensive expertise in investing and building healthcare companies.
BioMed Valley Discoveries
Offices: Kansas City, Missouri
BioMed Valley Discoveries stands at the forefront of translational research that has the potential to change the practice of medicine. They can invest both capital and people in projects that are outside the scope of traditional biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as academia. Their relationship with the Stowers Institute for Medical Research is what sets them apart. The institute has allocated $80 million in seed funding to support our operations.
Bio*One Capital
Offices: Redwood City, California
Bio*One Capital is a subsidiary of EDB Investments, the investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). As a leading fund management company for biomedical sciences in Asia with a global presence through EDB offices in US and Europe, Bio*One Capital plays an important role as a business and scientific bridge between companies in Asia and US and Europe. Bio*One Capital manages more than S$1.2 billion in funds that invests.