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2M BioTech
Offices: Dallas, Texas
2M BioTech partners with research groups, universities, inventors, and early stage biotech firms to accelerate the commercialization of their products and technologies.  2M BioTech provides an alternative to the traditional models associated with university-based technology licensing offices and venture capital financing. Their primary business purpose is to support The Morton H. Meyerson Family Fund and their communities.
5AM Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
5AM Ventures is a $65 million seed and early-stage fund that is focused on creating and building the next generation of leading biotechnology companies. 5AM works with entrepreneurs and scientists to help shape the strategic mission of new start-ups (or spin-outs) and provides business, financial, deal structuring, recruiting and other assistance in the company-building process.
7 Health Ventures
Offices: Edina, Minnesota
7 Health Ventures is a professional venture capital fund dedicated to investing in Israeli and Israeli-related companies, developing healthcare technologies and products. Their commitment to their entrepreneurs is for a long-term partnership because they understand that building a successful company takes time. They accompany their entrepreneurs with integrity, resourcefulness and dedication.
20/20 HealthCare Partners
Offices: Auburndale, Massachusetts
At 20/20, they have assembled a group of experts with a diverse range of backgrounds who have developed a vision for healthcare in the year 2020. This vision guides their strategy for developing and commercializing technologies that they feel will accelerate the implementation of successful 'Personalized Medicine' approaches. Their team approach relies on an efficient and strategic use of time and resources.