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Babcock & Brown
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Babcock & Brown is a leading global alternative investment originator and asset manager with long standing capabilities in the creation, syndication and management of asset and cash flow-based investments. Babcock & Brown has consistently built upon its expertise in asset-based finance to expand its activities both functionally and geographically into areas where these core strengths continue to provide the group with a competitive advantage.
Banksia Capital
Offices: Perth, Australia
Banksia Capital is an independent private equity firm specializing in providing equity capital for later-stage expansion and small-to-mid market buyouts and buy ins. They invest between A$3 million and A$15 million in private equity in any single business in Perth. They have long-established relationships with banks and other equity providers to fund larger transactions.
Blue Sky Private Equity (BSPE)
Offices: Brisbane, Australia
Blue Sky Private Equity specializes in providing rapidly expanding Australian companies with additional capital to help support their growth. BSPE was founded in 2006 and currently has investments in across a broad range of industries, including retail, consumer goods, equipment hire, manufacturing, media and mining services.
Brandon Capital Partners (BCP)
Offices: Melbourne-Sydney, Australia
Brandon Capital Partners makes seed and venture capital investments into emerging businesses in the high-growth life science industry. In addition to capital, the company enables entrepreneurs to access the resources needed to build successful businesses. BCP approaches each investment as a collaborative alliance. Brandon Capital Partners is passionate about turning good science into improved medical outcomes for everyone.


Catalyst Investment
Offices: Sydney-Melbourne, Australia
Catalyst Investment is a leading independent firm in the private equity market, with a reputation built on its longevity in the market, superior track record and extensive local network. Catalyst has in excess of $1 billion in funds under management. The Catalyst team is one of the largest in Australia and New Zealand, currently comprising 13 experienced and dynamic investment professionals.
CHAMP Private Equity
Offices: Sydney-Brisbane, Australia
The CHAMP family of funds cover the who range of private equity activity, with specialist teams focusing on early stage, expansion and buy-outs. The association with castle Harlan provides CHAMP investee companies with access to global contacts and information at many levels in finance, trade and industry sectors.
CHAMP Ventures
Offices: Sydney, Australia
CHAMP Ventures is part of the CHAMP Group, one of Australia’s leading private equity managers with over $2 billion in funds under management. In overseas markets, they can draw on the networks and resources of their shareholder, Castle Harlan Inc., a pioneering US private equity firm founded in 1987. They provide capital for buy-outs, expansion and acquisition of share in mainly private companies.
CM Capital
Offices: Brisbane, Australia
At CM Capital, they partner with the management teams of life sciences and telecommunications companies to help create market leaders in their respective fields. Their team combines management experience, industry knowledge, technology and financial expertise to help their portfolio companies and advisory clients build upon and transform great ideas into great companies.
Crescent Capital Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Crescent Capital Partners assists companies increase in value through the provision of capital and by providing advice at a strategic and board level. Their investment philosophy is one of partnership with management. For their investors, they seek high returns on investments commensurate with the high risk nature of private equity investment. Crescent has over $500m in funds under management.