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VentureTech Alliance
Offices: San Jose, California & Seattle, Washington
VentureTech Alliance was formed in March 2001, as an investment management company focused exclusively on managing Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) investment funds. Backed by TSMC, VentureTech is dedicated to facilitating the growth and success of world-class high technology companies. VentureTech is looking for companies that will have potential long-term synergy with TSMC's strengths, assets, and values.
Vertex Venture Holdings
Offices: Singapore
Vertex Venture Holdings was founded in 1988 as the venture capital arm of Singapore Technologies Group (ST). They currently manage funds valued at about US$ 1 billion and have made more than 290 investments in technology companies. 121 of their portfolio companies have either achieved listings on Stock Exchanges in the US, Europe, Taiwan and Singapore, or were acquired by other companies.
Vickers Capital Group
Offices: Singapore & Shanghai, China
Vickers Capital Group is a global investment house. Vickers Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm focusing on venture capital investments in Asia. Building on the track record and stellar investment performance of its partners, which include hits such as, Focus Media Holding and Kongzhong, the core management team has been working together since 2005.
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Established in 2005, Vogo Fund is the largest independent Korea-dedicated buyout fund with blue-chip Korean financial institutions as its investors. Vogo Fund focuses on investment opportunities in a broad range of industries in Korea, seeking control or significant minority stake in a target company. They rely on their local network and insight in identifying and sourcing investment opportunities and in enhancing value of their investments.