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Tano Capital
Offices: San Mateo, California
At Tano Capital, they believe that the economies of China and India have begun the irreversible and rapid technological development trajectories from third world to first world that nations such as Chile, Japan, Korea and Taiwan have followed in the past. The world as they know it is thus changing rapidly, in ways which have no historical precedent. The populations of India and China taken together exceed 40% of the population on the planet.
Tata Capital
Offices: Mumbai, India
The Tatas are one of India’s largest business groups and its first multinational conglomerate. India’s long term growth story is well documented and we believe that the Tatas are well placed to benefit from and maximize opportunities in this globally important market. In addition to their own knowledge and networks, we can leverage the wider Tata Network, with multiple sourcing, evaluation, value addition and realization benefits unique in the Indian market.
Temasek Holdings
Offices: Singapore & Mumbai, India
Temasek Holdings is an investment holding company based in Singapore. Established in 1974, it holds and manages investments in companies which are involved in a wide range of business activities, from port, shipping and logistics, to banking and financial services, airlines, telecoms and media, power and utilities, and rail. Many of these companies are leading companies in Singapore.
Tembusu Partners
Offices: Singapore
At Tembusu Partners, they believe in investing in growth-stage companies in core industry sectors that they are familiar with, such as oil & gas, base metals reprocessing and education, will generate the best returns for both their companies and investors. Tembusu Partners also feel that emerging Asia, comprising China, India and Southeast Asia with Singapore as the hub, will provide the fastest growing market opportunities for their portfolio.
The Enspire Group
Offices: Singapore
The Enspire Group is a technology and business development group that assists the inspired entrepreneurs to achieve their vision and dreams to build long-lasting and highly differentiating business. Besides the financial investment, they also value-add to their partner companies through their extensive network, experience and expertise. Enspire works with companies that will thrive in the fast growing fields of communication and Internet technology.