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ICCP Venture Partners
Offices: Makati, Philippines
ICCP Venture Partners is a global private direct investment management firm based in the Philippines, geared toward making equity and equity-related investments in emerging growth companies with sound business fundamentals and promising potential to achieve significant medium to long-term capital appreciation. ICCP's is focused on companies that have salable proprietary products and services and a defensible market position.
ICICI Venture
Offices: Mumbai-New Delhi-Bangalore, India
ICICI Venture is one of the largest and most successful private equity firms in India with funds under management in excess of USD 2 billion. Its investment focus areas span across private equity, buyouts, real estate and mezzanine financing. ICICI Venture, has invested across sectors including pharmaceuticals, information technology, media, manufacturing, logistics, textiles, real estate etc thereby building sustainable value.
IDFC Private Equity
Offices: Mumbai, India
IDFC Private Equity was set up in 2002. It is India's largest and most active private equity firm focused on infrastructure. IDFC manages a corpus of INR 57.2 billion (USD 1.3 billion). IDFC seeks to generate financial returns for investors by partnering world class infrastructure developers in India. Their people have over 100 years of experience.
IDGVC Partners
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai-Hong Kong, China
IDGVC Partners invests in early-to-growth-stage companies with focus on hi-tech related sectors such as the Internet, telecommunications, wireless communications, digital media, IC, and life science. It has an investment portfolio of over 100 start-up companies, As one of the earliest American venture capital firms to enter the Chinese market, IDGVC Partners has established a leading role in the industry.

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IDG Ventures India
Offices: Bangalore-Mumbai, India
IDG Ventures India is an early-stage venture capital firm investing in technology and technology-enabled companies. They are part of IDG Ventures, a global network of local venture funds backed by IDG, the world’s largest IT-focused media company. IDG Ventures manages over $3.7 Billion and has 10 offices across America and Asia.
IDG Ventures Korea
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Formed in October, 2007, IDG Ventures Korea manages a US$100 million venture capital fund focused on growing companies whose innovative products and services can succeed in both the local and the global market. It is their goal to build a strong, lasting relationship and help manage your company through challenges and on to global success— not to control your company.
iD SoftCapital Group
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
iD SoftCapital Group was established by Acer Founder, Stan Shih, together with venture capital veterans and former Acer senior management, offering expertise in asset and fund management, and consulting services. Intellectual Development for the New Economy is iD SoftCapital Group’s mission. The group currently manages assets worth US$664 million, and a total fund size of US$832 million divided between venture capital, incubation/post-incubation, reengineering and branding funds.
iD TechVentures (iDT VC)
Offices: Santa Clara, California
iD TechVentures formerly known as Acer Technology Ventures, is a leading early stage tech venture investor in Greater China. iDT started its operation in early 2000 with offices in Shanghai and Taipei, managing three funds of total US$200 millions and adding up a new funding of US$125 millions in June, 2006. iDT's partners and professionals come with diversified industry knowledge, solid operational background and years of localized VC experience.