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Hana Financial Group
Offices: Seoul, South Korea
Hana Financial Group is one of South Korea's leading financial-services companies and one of world's top 100 financial groups. The company began in 1971 as Korea Investment & Finance, the nation's first financial company established with purely private capital. Throughout its history, Hana Financial Group has crated value for clients.
Helion Venture Partners
Offices: Port Louis, Mauritius & Bangalore-Haryana, India
Helion Ventures Partners is a $350 Million India-focused, stage independent venture fund, investing in technology-powered and consumer service businesses in sectors like outsourcing, internet, mobile, technology products, retail services, education and financial Services.
Hina Capital Partners
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai, China
Hina Capital Partners focuses on investing in China oriented technology, media and telecommunications related opportunities in China and the United States. The sector is projected to grow at 13% per annum to reach over $300 billion by 2007. China already attracts more foreign direct investment than any other country except the United States.
Hitachi Corporate Venture Capital
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
The Hitachi Corporate Venture Capital Fund (Hitachi CVC Fund) effective July 1, 2004, is a 10 billion-yen investment fund to invest in promising technology startup companies. The mission of the Hitachi CVC Fund will be to explore new business frontiers and accelerate the creation of new business opportunities in line with the objectives of the "i.e. Hitachi Plan," the medium-term business plan announced last November.


Hony Capital
Offices: Beijing, China
Founded in 2003, Hony Capital is among China’s leading domestic private equity firms. Hony Capital is a China-focused middle-market private equity firm. With over US $2.8 billion in assets under management across five funds, Hony Capital primarily focuses on construction materials, pharmaceuticals, construction machinery and consumer goods and retail industries.
Hopu Investment Management
Offices: Beijing, China
Founded in 2007, Hopu Investment Management is a leading private equity firm in Asia with US$2.5 billion in capital commitments. Hopu’s investments include the US$400 million purchase of publicly-traded Bank of China shares from Royal Bank of Scotland Plc iand US$150 million to US$200 million investment in convertible bonds in Hong Kong Lung Ming Investment Holding Ltd.
Hotung Group
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan & San Jose, California
Hotung Group has become one of the largest fund management firms in Taiwan, with 17 years of venture capital experience. In addition to acting as a capital supplier, Hotung provides portfolio companies with value-added services. Hotung Group is the first and sole venture capital firm listed on the Singapore Exchange. To increase competitiveness and maintain its leading industry status, Hotung intends to continue pursing local investment opportunities in Taiwan.
H&Q Asia Pacific
Offices: Palo Alto, California
H&Q Asia Pacific is a premier private equity firm investing in Asia and the United States since 1985 in a variety of sectors such as technology, technology manufacturing, branded consumer products and services, financial services and other high growth sectors. The firm's offices are located in all of the principal markets in Asia as well as in the Silicon Valley. The firm has established itself as one of the largest and most successful Asian venture capital groups.