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Fortune Ventures
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
Fortune Ventures specializes in high-tech investments in Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Fortune Taipei provides venture capital funding to promising businesses in their early, expansion, and mature phases. Fortune Taipei also participates in post-management of its investment companies by offering value-added services in diverse areas such as technology transfer, strategic alliance, financial planning and operations.
FountainVest Partners
Offices: Hong Kong-Shanghai, China
FountainVest Partners is a large private equity fund dedicated to the China market, with about US$1 billion under management. The fund invests in companies that are leaders, or potential leaders, across various industries, and works closely together with the management team to build nationally or internationally leading businesses. The fund's investors include some of the most well known global financial investment firms.
Fung Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fung Capital is the private equity partnership of Victor and William Fung, of Li & Fung Ltd. They will consider early-stage investments as well as expansion rounds, management buy-outs, or joint ventures. While thye usually act as lead sponsor of a transaction, they also co-invest with other private equity firms in larger transactions. They can take minority or majority investment stakes.