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Asia Mezzanine Capital (AMCG)
Offices: Hong Kong, China
Asia Mezzanine Capital Group is an independent direct investment fund management group. Together with its constituents, AMCG invests in the strategic development of promising medium-sized companies with enterprise values of US$100 million to US$500 million. AMCG partners with companies, private equity investors and their advisers by providing longer-term hybrid and mezzanine-type capital, which is structured with a combination of debt and equity components.
Offices: Cupertino, California
AsiaTech helps grow early-stage technology companies. As the first venture capital firm in Asia, they are hands-on investors, providing in-depth technology and business support. Analogously, they don't just water a seed; they nurture it until it becomes a sturdy and stable fruit-bearing tree. This means that they not only identify and accelerate the growth of leading technology startups, but also can help transform traditional businesses into e-businesses.
AsiaVest Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California
AsiaVest Partners is a leading venture capital firm investing in private companies in the Greater China Region and the United States. Since it's founding in 1995, AsiaVest has been nurturing companies with innovative technologies, competitive market positions, and strong management teams to develop high growth businesses. The firm manages over US$700 million with strong presence throughout Asia and the US.
Athena Technology Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Seoul, South Korea.
Athena Technology makes investments in early stage companies in the global communications industry. Athena's portfolio includes companies focusing on semiconductors, network systems, telecom services, Internet infrastructure and infra-services, and e-commerce. The principals and support staff bring a broad array of technical, financial, and operational experience to making each investment decision, and supporting each portfolio company.
Aureos Capital | Asia
Offices: Port Lewis, Mauritius
Aureos Capital is an independent private equity fund manager focused exclusively on the emerging markets. Aureos specializes in providing expansion and buyout capital for low to mid-cap businesses with prospects for strong growth and profitability. Established in July 2001, Aureos has to date raised and managed US$570m in 24 funds worldwide. Ten of these funds have been raised since 2001, with approximately US$395m of committed capital.
Aurum Ventures
Offices: Mumbai, India
Aurum Ventures has evolved over the years and is formed by merging various group companies. Aurum Ventures is a diversified group constantly on the lookout for untapped opportunities to structure the best possible returns for all stake holders. At Aurum Ventures the endeavor is to continuously evolve and maximize its value through the group’s experience and investment expertise.