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3i China
Offices: Beijing, China
3i has had a local presence in Greater China since 2001, with offices in Beijing. Since 2003, 3i has invested in the following sectors: Manufacturing, TMT, Technology, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Retail and Real Estate. International IPOs we have completed include PCD Stores (Hong Kong), Focus Media (New York), GST and Little Sheep (Hong Kong). 3i is also an investor in CDH II, the Beijing-based private equity fund.
3i India
Offices: Mumbai-Delhi, India
3i has had a local presence in India since 2005. 3i has invested in the following sectors in India: media, automotives, construction, power, ports and manufacturing, amongst others. They currently manage an investment portfolio valued at cUS$920m. In April 2008, 3i closed a non-listed US$1.2 billion India Infrastructure fund and, together with funds, 3i has invested over $330 million in Indian infrastructure to-date.
Accel India
Offices: Bangalore, India
The Accel India team brings a deep base of experience that includes decades of operating experience within leading technology companies and new venture development. Their entrepreneurs benefit from the experiences they have deeply learned over 25 years in building category-defining companies. Like their companies working as a team, the entire Accel team is committed to the success of every investment.
Acorn Campus
Offices: Cupertino, California
Acorn Campus takes an approach anchored by innovative methods, differentiated competitive strategies, and key corporate alliances. With access to a vast network of professional and personal connections, Acorn Campus principals bring expertise, diversity of experience, and exceptional insight to the process of developing a new business. Acorn focuses on four sectors: communication infrastructure, semiconductor and photonics, wireless, and outsourcing.
Advantage Partners
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
Advantage Partners is a private equity investment firm founded in 1992. The firm manages private equity funds that focus on investing in acquisitions, buy-outs, buy-ins and other private equity opportunities in Japan. Prior to 1997, the firm focused on making direct investments of partner capital in a small number of portfolio companies, in which partners took an active role in management.
Affinity Equity Partners
Offices: Hong Kong, China
Affinity Equity Partners is an independently owned buyout fund manager comprising primarily the former investment professionals of UBS Capital Asia Pacific. It was spun out of UBS Capital Asia Pacific in March 2004. They are pioneers in buyout investments in the Asia-Pacific region. To this end, Affinity has an established and widely recognized franchise in buyouts.
AIF Capital
Offices: Hong Kong, China
AIF Capital is one of the largest Asia-based independent private equity firms. It has over US$1 billion under management. It provides capital for expansion, buy-outs or recapitalization, primarily to unlisted companies. The firm oversees a broad based portfolio of investments in sectors ranging from supply chain management, financial services, manufacturing, specialty steels and engineering services, to power generation, telecom and transportation.