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Offices: Paris, France
XAnge Private Equity sees its investments as the start of a multi-year partnership based on transparency and mutual trust. A strategic ally of the portfolio companies, XAnge Private Equity works alongside the companies’ chief executives, especially at key moments in the portfolio companies’ development. XAnge focuses on contributing value-added without ever interfering in the company’s day-to-day management.
Xenia Venture Capital
Offices: Kiryat Gat, Israel
Xenia Venture Capital is an investment firm founded in mid 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs with the vision of being an incubation powerhouse that will engage in the initiation and building of successful high-tech companies in the areas of IT and medical devices. Xenia is committed to provide portfolio companies with top-notch mentoring, business and strategic counseling, fund raising assistance and exit planning.
XG Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California
XG Ventures is a small group of ex-Googlers, who were early hires in strategic roles at Google. This group is now dedicated to advising and investing in supremely talented early stage teams. They learned a great deal at Google, including how its unique culture shaped a dynamic and fun enterprise. Together, with their complimentary expertise, their goal is to help successfully guide the start-up teams, in which they invest and advise, to the next stage.
X/Seed Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
X/Seed Capital is an independent, seed-focused, venture fund providing de-novo start-up capital for entrepreneurs pursuing breakthrough innovation.
Offices: Mountain View, California
Xuture provides start-up venture capital funding for seed stage, early stage and growth companies with a focus in the US technology sectors. They invest between $50 thousand and $50 million in exceptional companies. Average funding for startups is under $10 million. Based in Silicon Valley, innovation & leadership is their cornerstone business practice. At Xuture, they locate and attract seed & early stage capital and achieve best practices overall.