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Wolverine Venture Fund (WVF)
Offices: Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Wolverine Venture Fund is a multi-million dollar venture capital fund operated directly out of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, enabling entrepreneurs to realize their business dreams. The Fund invests with the active involvement of MBA students, faculty assistance, and an advisory board composed of professional venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Launched in 1997, the WVF is the oldest University-based venture fund in the country.
Women Moving Millions
Offices: San Francisco, California
The Women Moving Millions campaign aims to inspire gifts of a million dollars and above in support of women's funds across the globe. The campaign is a partnership of visionary donors and Women's Funding Network, a global movement of 150 women's and girls' funds that invest in women-led solutions to critical social issues like poverty and global security. This massive infusion of investment will be a force for lasting change in the life chances and opportunities of women and girls around the globe.
Women's Investment Network (WIN)
Offices: Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Women's Investment Network is the Greater Philadelphia region's only organization specifically for women who are leaders of and investors in high-growth businesses. WIN promotes the expansion of women-led and women-owned businesses with high growth potential through education, networking, mentoring, and exposure to investment resources. WIN is actively committed to women-led businesses and their leaders.
Woodbrook Capital
Offices: Baltimore, Maryland
Woodbrook Capital, a private investment company founded in 1988, focuses on direct equity investments in management buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth capital financings and separately acts as a limited partner in certain private equity funds and as a direct minority investor in selected transactions. Since its founding, Woodbrook has developed a reputation as a preferred equity sponsor for middle market acquisitions.
Woodlawn Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Woodlawn Partners is a private equity firm focused on acquiring and managing profitable operating companies in the Midwestern United States. The group’s partners possess the resources to personally finance transactions as well as the desire and expertise to take active roles in the management of their portfolio companies. Woodlawn also draws from a network of co-investors and strategic advisors with broad industry expertise.

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Woodside Fund
Offices: Redwood Shores, California
Woodside Fund is investing their fourth fund. They invest in an average of six to eight companies per year, and approximately 20 companies over its lifetime. They expect to invest $5 to 15 million in each portfolio company, with an initial commitment of $3 to 8 million. Their portfolio is predominantly comprised of early-stage companies. However, they may strategically balance their investments with a small combination of seed and later-stage companies.
Woori Financial Group
Offices: Seoul, Korea
Woori Financial Group offers deposits, loans, cards, funds, insurances, foreign exchange, and trading finance products and services. Woori Financial Group is engaged in investment business such as dealing with bad-debts and corporate restructuring through Woori F&I. Woori F&I is committed to investing in promising companies with high growth potential and revitalizing the management of invested companies.
Worldview Technology Partners
Offices: San Mateo, California & Tokyo, Japan
Worldview Technology Partners is a leading venture capital firm focused on investing in and building leading US technology companies. Their comprehensive, industry-leading business development services help their portfolio companies succeed in US and international markets. With a 12-year track record of successful technology investing and close to $1.4 billion under management, the Worldview team—now on their fourth fund.
WRF Capital
Offices: Seattle, Washington
WRF Capital manages Washington Research Foundation's seed venture fund by creating and investing primarily in technology-based start-up companies that have strong ties to the University of Washington and other non-profit research institutions in Washington State. WRF Capital invests in two types of companies:  WRF Founded Company—WRF Capital and an entrepreneur create a business concept and start a company.
WVP Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
WVP Ventures is a student-run venture capital fund, whose mission is: To empower VCs with deals and research to get better returns; and, To invest in entrepreneurs , and mentor them through the funding process. Their activities encompass three main areas: deals, investment theses, and entrepreneur feedback; deals; investment theses; and, entrepreneur Feedback. At WVP Ventures, they have co-invested, share research or lend due-diligence effort to an incredible host of partners.
WWC Capital
Offices: Reston Virginia
WWC Capital Group is an investment banking and private equity firm dedicated to serving middle market companies in need of capital or seeking advisory services to complete a sale or an acquisition. WWC has staffed its professional ranks with people that understand the difficulty of growing young companies to maturity and are prepared to partner with the management team to accomplish company goals.
Wynnchurch Capital
Offices: Lake Forest, Illinois
Wynnchurch Capital is a privately owned investment management firm managing a number of private equity funds with capital under management in excess of $200 million. Wynnchurch specializes in management buyouts, recapitalizations, restructurings, acquisitions and growth capital investments. Wynnchurch's objective is to partner with middle market companies in the mid-western United States and Canada.