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Wilmington Investor Network (WIN)
Offices: Wilmington, North Carolina
Wilmington Investor Network is a private equity fund of angel investors that provides capital to early-stage companies in eastern North and South Carolina. Membership is comprised of investors from all areas of business who are interested in high-growth companies' investment return potential. Their investors focus on technology, biotechnology, and medical device companies, but will consider other business ventures with high-return potential.
Windamere Venture Partners
Offices: La Jolla, California
Since its inception in 1998, Windamere Venture Partners has supported more than a dozen pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other healthcare companies from the very early stages. Their approach combines a specialized investment focus with active management and long-term commitment to ensure the highest rates-of-return for both entrepreneurs and investors. Windamere leverages its experience forming and financing new healthcare ventures.
Wind Point Partners (WPP)
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & Southfield, Michigan
Wind Point Partners is a private equity investment firm that acquires middle market businesses with growth potential and a clear path to value creation. Wind Point manages over $1 billion in commitments from pension funds, endowments and individuals.  Wind Point Partners has invested in more than 90 companies since 1984 and seeks to align their economic interest closely with those of company management teams through significant equity participation.
Windjammer Capital
Offices: Newport Beach, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
Formed in 1990, Windjammer Capital Investors is a private investment firm which invests control equity, minority equity and subordinated debt in leading middle market businesses. Windjammer has successfully raised 4 institutional funds totaling over $1.2 billion of capital and is currently investing out of its latest fund with $575 million in commitments. Windjammer seeks to invest between $20 million and $100 million in middle market companies.

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Windspeed Ventures
Offices: Lexington, Massachusetts
Windspeed Ventures was founded in 1999 to offer a different private investment experience. The Windspeed partners have known one another and worked together for nearly a decade. Over the years, as each was involved in starting and building new businesses, planning began to create a private equity investment firm that could offer more than money to companies at early stages of formation. Windspeed Ventures is the culmination of this planning.
Windward Ventures
Offices: San Diego-Thousand Oaks, California
Windward Ventures is a classic venture capital partnership organized in 1997 to produce superior investment returns by providing capital and management assistance to early stage, high growth companies in Southern California. The Limited Partners of Windward Ventures include corporate pension funds, university endowments, professional money management firms, and wealthy individuals.
Wingate Partners
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Wingate Partners was founded in 1987 to purchase controlling equity interests in companies where there is the opportunity to create value. Typically, Wingate's investments fall into two primary categories: under-performing companies and profitable companies in changing or out of favor industries. In both cases, equity value is created by improving the operating performance of the business and by developing long-term strategies to exploit changing industry dynamics.
Winona Capital Management
Offices: Chicago, Illinois & Seattle, Washington
Winona Capital Management is a unique private investment firm. Winona Capital creates lasting equity value by investing in consumer driven businesses operating in the lower end of the middle market. They invest capital on behalf of investors who are focused on returns through patient ownership opportunities. Winona believes that significant value creation is the result of a patient investment orientation combined with dedication, excellent governance and strong management teams.
Wisconsin Investment Partners
Offices: Madison, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Investment Partners was founded in 2000 with 20+ members, most remaining active. Several new members have joined in recent years, bringing significant knowledge and experience in key areas. Their investment philosophy is life science oriented, seed investing with a healthy dose of “opportunism” for attractive projects outside this charter. They often collaborate with other angel networks and venture capitalists.


Wisdom Capital Partners
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
Wisdom Capital Partners invests in growth, buyout and distressed opportunities, using a range of debt and equity instruments with an emphasis on long-term ownership, partnership and capital appreciation for all stakeholders. They will invest their own capital alongside their network of investors. Wisdom provides valuable insight, relationships and differentiated solutions to companies that would not normally have access to private equity due to their size or condition.
WK Kellog Foundation
Offices: Battle Creek, Michigan
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation supports children, families, and communities as they strengthen and create conditions that propel vulnerable children to achieve success as individuals and as contributors to the larger community and society. Over the years, the Kellogg Foundation’s programming has continued to evolve, striving to remain innovative and responsive to the ever-changing needs of society.
WK Technology Fund
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
WK Technology Fund is a leading venture capital firm in Taiwan with focus in Asia and the United States. With over US$600 million under management, WK invests in early-stage and mid-stage private companies in Taiwan, the United States and China, primarily in Communications and Information Technology. WK Technology Fund creates marketing and manufacturing synergies for its portfolio companies.
W Media Ventures
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
W Media Ventures is a venture capital firm focusing on consumer internet opportunities mainly in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Most of their investments are joint investments with long-term partner Burda Digital Ventures/Acton Capital Partners from Munich, Germany. Burda Digital Ventures is the VC arm of Hubert Burda Media, one of Germany’s largest and most innovative media companies,
Wolseley Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Wolseley Private Equity is an independent private equity firm established and owned by the current managing directors. Wolseley has $350 million funds under management committed from Australian superannuation funds, international investors and the Wolseley team. They invest between $20 and $150 million and partner with senior management to build great companies and create exceptional shareholder value.