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WhiteCastle Investments
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
WhiteCastle's success has been built upon the blending of good business sense with the highest level of integrity. Evolving from entrepreneurial origins and having worked with so many entrepreneurs, they understand the challenges of launching and growing enterprises. Their team combines outside experience with their own expertise gained helping numerous companies to successfully grow and mature.
Whitecliff Capital Partners
Offices: Bloomington, Minnesota
Whiteciff Capital Partners is a private equity firm dedicated to working with owners and management teams of small and middle-market businesses to build shareholder value. They provide equity capital as well as financial, strategic and other business expertise in order to assist owners and management teams. They look for companies that have experienced management teams, well-defined business niches and strong growth potential.
Wider Wake
Offices: New York, New York
Wider Wake Networks is a forum within which its members exchange information about pre-screened, early stage, and potentially high yielding investment opportunities. IN connection with Wider Wake's investments, the members are actively involved with entrepreneurs and their companies through their lifecycles.
WI Harper Group
Offices: San Francisco, California
WI Harper Group is one of the first US-based high-tech venture capital firms focused exclusively on creating a bridge between Silicon Valley and the Greater China region (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan). WI Harper currently manages five venture funds with US$225 million under management. As of January 2003, WI Harper has invested in over 100 companies covering a diversified range of sectors .


William Blair Capital Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
William Blair Capital Partners has invested over $700 million in over 150 companies throughout the United States. Their team has over 100 collective years of private equity experience. Over the past 20 years, they have invested in companies across a variety of industries and maturity spectrums. WBCP provides venture capital for early-stage companies, growth equity for fast-growing companies and leveraged equity for later-stage recapitalizations and management buyouts.
William J Clinton Foundation
Offices: New York, New York
The William J. Clinton Foundation focuses on worldwide issues that demand urgent action, solutions, and measurable results—global climate change, HIV/AIDS in the developing world, childhood obesity and economic opportunity in the United States, and economic development in Africa and Latin America. The foundation has grown into a global non-profit organization with 1,100 staff and volunteers in more than 40 countries.
Williams Venture Partners
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Williams Venture Partners is an opportunistic venture capital firm, providing growth capital to innovative operating businesses. The firm’s objective is to build upon a portfolio of quality venture investments with a select group of long-term investment partners. The firm emphasizes strong fundamentals and healthy returns that meet the goals of investment partners.
Willis Stein & Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Willis Stein & Partners is a leading private equity firm that focuses on investments in profitable, well managed and growing businesses. The principals of Willis Stein have made investments in more than 50 companies and manage approximately $3 billion in equity capital. they also provide assistance particularly in areas where they have valuable contacts or expertise such as strategic direction, executive recruitment to augment management teams, capital raising and exit opportunities.
Willow Garage
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Willow Garage is a privately-funded research lab focused on developing the next generation of robotic devices. They are a company comprised of interesting people doing interesting things while immersed in technology. Willow Garage is a place where ideas germinate and take root as a result of smart people from different disciplines working closely together on real problems.