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WAVE Equity Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
WAVE Equity Partners has pioneered the platform investment strategy for global Cleantech industries. The Boston based private equity firm helps build businesses that leverage breakthrough clean technologies to create radical economic impacts on global markets. WAVE invites entrepreneurs who want to build solutions for multiple global markets, and who share their beliefs in prudent business building.
Waveland Investments
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Waveland Investments is a committed fund that focuses on lower middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies all over the United States. Waveland is actively seeking opportunities with Companies with revenues greater than $10 million or existing EBITDA between $1 million and $4 million; strong market position or franchise value; and strong management teams requiring capital to obtain the next performance level.
Waveland Ventures
Offices: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Waveland Ventures provides investment capital to both early and later stage companies with quality management teams via internally managed venture capital. Waveland believes that significant secular trends have converged to create a compelling investment opportunity in what are commonly referred to as Emerging Domestic Markets (EDMs). Waveland has successfully established investment funds.
W Capital Partners
Offices: New York, New York
W Capital is a leading provider of private equity liquidity management, a critical element of successful private equity investing. Since its founding in 2001, W Capital has been solely dedicated to offering current equity investors an alternative exit strategy for their highly-illiquid direct private equity assets. W Capital has well over $1 billion of invested capital under management in addition to $250 million in committed capital.


Webb Investment Network (WIN)
Offices: Silicon Valley, California
The Webb Investment Network’s goal is to invest in companies that aim to change the world, particularly in the fields of mobile, internet, and cloud computing. With the WIN Affiliate Network, they can draw not only from Maynard’s experience and insight but from those CEOs, CTOs, founders and investors who make up the WIN Affiliate Network to provide our portfolio companies with capital and, more importantly, on demand advice.
Weber Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Weber Capital is a long-term equity investor in information technology, communications and healthcare. Since 1994, they have invested over $150 million, half of which are private. Their software investments have included CRM, DRM, EDA, ERP, search, and storage software. Hardware investments have focused on sectors such as digital broadcasting, semiconductors, VoIP, wire line and wireless communications.
Webster Capital
Offices: Waltham, Massachusetts
Webster Capital provides equity financing, expertise and a broad contact network for management buyouts and growth capital. The Webster team works closely with ownership and management to effect a smooth transition and to achieve growth while maintaining company values and culture. They are proud that many of the CEOs and families whose companies they have financed have become lifelong friends and partners, and have subsequently invested with Webster.
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Wed3 is a regionally focused group of investors and representatives of investment corporations. This members-only group reviews business summaries and real estate development plans submitted by companies and individuals. Selected groups then have the opportunity to present their presentations to a Wed3 regular membership meeting. Through this process, Wed3 hopefully acts as a "matchmaker".

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Offices: Los Angeles, California
Since 1980, WEDBUSH has successfully invested with management teams in growing, lower middle market companies across the United States. The firm and its professionals have invested in more than 75 companies in industries including consumer products and services, niche manufacturing, business services, distribution, financial services and energy services. WEDBUSH invests in private companies with highly capable management teams.
Wedgwood Circle
Offices: Burke, Virginia
The Wedgwood Circle is a national angel investment network of successful entrepreneurs, investment institutions and high net worth investors who provide investment capital, strategic guidance and relationships to contribute to the renewal of the culture by investing in cultural “artifact” creation in the key influential sectors of film, music television, publishing, theatre/performing, fashion, fine arts and computer/console gaming.
Weinberg & Bell Group (WBG)
Offices: Hinckley, Ohio
The Weinberg & Bell Group invest in well-positioned middle market companies looking for additional capital and management expertise to enhance company financial performance and market position. Working closely with owners and management, the Weinberg & Bell Group establishes a true partnership to determine the proper strategy to maximize the company’s opportunities and investor return.
Welch Capital Partners (WCP)
Offices: New York, New York
Since its inception in 1996, Welch Capital Partners has aimed to produce absolute returns while protecting investors' capital. To achieve these goals, Welch Capital implements a private equity approach to public equity investing through a rigorous bottom-up due diligence process. WCP is a diversified long/short firm with emphasis on the healthcare, technology, energy, and industrial sectors.


Wellcome Trust
Offices: London, England
The Wellcome Trust's 13 billion investment portfolio provides the income for its funding. The investment team that aims to generate a 6 per cent real return over the long term. They support many different kinds of research and activities with the ultimate aim of protecting and improving human and animal health. This support is not restricted to UK researchers—they devote significant funding to international research too.
Wellington Financial
Offices: Toronto, Ontario
Wellington Financial is a privately held specialty finance firm providing operating lines of credit from $1 million to $5 million; term and amortizing loans up to $60 million; and venture debt loans up to $10 million. Wellington Financial is currently deploying a $400 million investment program via its third fund.
Wellington Partners
Offices: Zurich, Switzerland & Munich, Germany
As entrepreneurs themselves, Wellington Partners are as hungry for success as their portfolio companies. And they have the experience to match their appetite. With their specialist technology team and Life Sciences team, they are expert practitioners with a collective total of over 250 years working in their sectors.
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe
Offices: New York, New York
Welsh Carson Anderson & Stove has organized 12 partnerships with total capital over $11 billion. They are currently investing WCAS IX, a $3.8 billion equity fund and WCAS Capital Partners III, a $1.4 billion subordinated debt fund. They exclusively focus in three industries with favorable long-term trends: information services, health care and communications. Their strategy is to buy growth businesses in their target industries.