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Wafra Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Wafra Partners is a private equity firm that seeks to invest in and build successful middle-market companies. Wafra Partners purchases control or significant minority positions in companies with strong management, high-upside, discernable value and growth drivers. Wafra Partners wants to provide the financial springboard and strategic and analytical resources to help owners and managers meet their corporate and personal goals.
Wakabayshi Fund
Offices: Tokyo, Japan & New York, New York
Kakabayashi Fund, a private equity firm, provides corporate capitalization and institutional investor relations consulting services. Wakabayshi Fund may invest on a principal basis and acts in a institutional capacity to procure capital for profitable small and mid-cap companies. They attempt to structure a financing so that owners and managers continue to lead their enterprises and participate in the rewards of future growth.
Walden International
Offices: San Francisco-Palo Alto, California
Walden International founded in 1987, has established itself as a first tier global venture capital firm. With US$2 billion under management, they strive to invest in entrepreneurs and companies that demonstrate an ability to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. Their investments are focused on four key industry sectors: communications, electronics, software & IT services, and semiconductors.
Walden International China
Offices: Beijing-Shanghai, China
With offices around the globe, The Walden International team of multicultural investment professionals provide the capital, technical expertise, industry knowledge, operating experience, and global resources to launch early stage companies into successful businesses. Walden values honesty and integrity and foster a work environment of diversity, teamwork, creativity, and opportunity.

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Walden Israel
Offices: Herzliya, Israel
Walden Israel is one of the first Israeli venture capital funds dedicated to investing in early-stage start-ups. Their team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and their international affiliation spans twenty-five years of experience in building four hundred early-stage companies. With over $185 million under management, Walden Israel concentrates investments in: enterprise software and e/c-commerce technology; communication, Internet infrastructure and healthcare.
Offices: San Francisco, California
WaldenVC is a venture capital firm that focuses on investments in digital media companies. Additional focus areas include software as a service and information services. With over $400 million under management, WaldenVC invests across all stages of growth, from startups to public corporations. WaldenVC leverages its operating experience, corporate investors, investment banking expertise and worldwide network,
Walker Ventures
Offices: Glenwood, Maryland & Shepardstown, West Virginia
Walker Ventures invests in technology companies, with a bias towards Internet infrastructure and software technologies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their focus is on businesses with an experienced, dedicated and motivated management team, a sound business concept and leading edge technology with the opportunity to emerge and be a dominant player in an expanding market.
Wall Street Technology Partners (WSTP)
Offices: New York, New York
Wall Street Technology Partners, founded in 2000, invests in mid-to-late stage US-based technology and media companies across a wide industry spectrum, including software applications, servers and storage, semiconductors, wireless, telecom systems and enterprise and carrier networks. WSTP has in excess of $100 million of capital under management.