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Offices: Hellerup, Denmark
Vaekstfondon looks for and invests in innovative companies that need venture capital to grow. Since 1992 they have financed growth in over 3,500 Danish companies for more than DKK 6.5 billion. They invest directly, via other funds or with private investors, business angels, pension funds, banks, etc. Vaekstfondon provides a broad spectrum of finance solutions for small as well as medium-sized companies—ranging from equity to loan guarantee.
Valeo Fund
Offices: Dallas, Texas
Valeo Fund is a private equity strategy connecting global investors with commercial real estate investments in the U.S. Valeo Fund seeks to utilize its expertise in U.S. commercial real estate in order to provide its investors with secure cash flow and capital appreciation through the opportunistic deployment of capital. With a 5 to 8 year fund term, their timeline is sufficient to bridge the current cycle, create value, and maximize the harvest.
Valhalla Partners
Offices: Vienna, Virginia
Valhalla Partners was formed in early 2002 to bring together some of the most respected and successful venture investors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their team has invested in or served as senior executives in over 100 companies during the last twenty years. To date, more than 60 of these have already experienced successful initial public offerings or successful mergers. Valhalla Partners is focused primarily on early-stage technology companies.
Valley Ventures
Offices: Scottsdale, Arizona
Valley Ventures is an institutionally funded venture capital partnership with $70 million under management.  The general partner is a team of experienced venture capitalists and managers dedicated to the achievement of superior investment returns by investing in and assisting emerging growth companies in the greater Southwest. In addition to providing capital to growing companies, Valley Ventures assists management in strategic planning.


Valor Equity Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Valor Equity Partners is a middle market private equity firm whose unique investment approach combines the disciplines of macro and micro analysis with operational activism. Valor begins by identifying market segments and industries which it believes exhibit positive long-term demand dynamics that will support stable revenue from existing business lines, potential revenue and earnings growth, and attractive return on capital.
ValueAct Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California & Boston, Massachusetts
VauleAct Capital, with over $4 billion in investments, seeks to make active value investments in a limited number of companies. The firm's principles have demonstrated expertise in sourcing investments in companies they believe to be fundamentally undervalued, and then working with management and/or the company's board to implement strategies that generate superior returns on invested capital.
Vance Street Capital
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Vance Street Capital is a private equity firm that invests in profitable middle market companies with enterprise values ranging from $50 to $200 million. Preferred industries include aerospace & defense, precision manufacturing, healthcare and business services. For over two decades, their partners have specialized in middle market investing. They are committed to supporting their management teams with resources to grow revenues.
Van den Ende & Deitmers
Offices: The Netherlands
Van den Ende & Deitmers focus on investments in West European companies with good international growth prospects through two venture capital funds. They combine strategic and operational insight with entrepreneurial understanding, hence their motto 'Investing with Passion'.
Vanedge Capital
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia & Shanghai, China
Vanedge Capital is a new venture capital fund focused on investments in interactive entertainment and digital media businesses. They make investments where their unique combination of operating leadership and management; subject matter expertise; relationships with technology, creative, and management talent; and proven ability to pick hits in a hit-driven business will generate out-sized returns.

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Vanguard Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Houston, Texas
Vanguard Ventures is a leading early stage venture capital firm that helps entrepreneurs build pioneering technology and life science companies. Each Vanguard partner brings hands-on entrepreneurial experience to the firm, as well as executive and venture capital backgrounds. Over the last 22 years, Vanguard Ventures has invested in over 115 companies, 30 of which have had notable success, including public companies.
Van Herk Group
Offices: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Rotterdam-based Van Herk Group invests in real estate and in companies, focusing primarily on the Netherlands and the new EU member states. The Group began as a family business, and its history dates back more than half a century.
VantagePoint CleanTech
Offices: San Bruno, California
The VantagePoint CleanTech investment team is the largest in the venture capital industry with a diverse range of CleanTech expertise. Members of the team encompass a broad array of industry luminaries and experts in their fields, including solar, transportation, storage and power management, smart grid, biofuels, water and more.
VantagePoint Healthcare
Offices: San Bruno, California
VantagePoint’s Healthcare team has broad and deep experience in all areas of healthcare investing, including biotech, devices, and healthcare commerce. The firm is focused on building category leaders in these areas by concentrating on innovation and commercializing the best and most promising healthcare technologies. VantagePoint Venture Partners has $4.5 billion of committed capital.
VantagePoint Venture Partners
Offices: San Bruno, California & New York, New York
VantagePoint Venture Partners provides private investments in, and active assistance to information technology companies. They see their selves as a service firm, enhancing the capabilities of portfolio companies by accelerating time to market and increasing both the likelihood and results of success. The firm seeks investment opportunities that typically require $3-30 million in pre-IPO funding.

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Vantec Angels
Offices: Vancouver, British Columbia
Vantec Angels are accomplished Vancouver area technology entrepreneurs who wish to make early stage investments in, and sometimes provide mentoring or advice to, new companies. An ideal angel is someone who has been "at the helm" running a technology enterprise having realized some financial rewards as a result of this and who is now in a position to invest in, and advise, entrepreneurs.
Vanterra Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Vanterra Capital is a global private equity firm that manages assets for a diverse investor base of ultra high net worth partners and leading institutions. Vanterra Capital’s private equity platform invests in “best of class” small and emerging private equity funds as well as makes direct investments to generate superior long term returns. The “Vanterra Advantage” will come from the market intelligence that the firm gains by leveraging the expertise of its selective network of fund and investor relationships.
Vatera Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Vatera Capital is a private equity firm established in 2007 by Michael Jaharis, founder of Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Kos Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Vatera Capital focuses on investing in biopharmaceutical firms and products with the goal of building and growing companies by leveraging their decades of collective experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and strong network of relationships within industry and academia.
VCE Capital
Offices: Tuxedo Park, New York
VCE Capital Partners is a venture capital firm that invests opportunistically. They provide equity capital to early and expansion stage companies with proprietary technology platforms or unique products addressing large markets. The partners of VCE Capital Partners manage two investment funds: Louisiana Ventures and Themelios Venture Partners.
VCF Partners
Offices: Kent, England
VCF is one of the UK's longest established technology venture capital firms. Their first technology fund, raised in 1985, has achieved excellent returns and invested at an early stage in a number of world-class companies. They now manage two venture capital trusts with funds under management of over 60 million. They provide venture capital to IT, communications and technology based manufacturing.