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S3 Ventures
Offices: Austin, Ventures
S3 Ventures is a group of entrepreneurs themselves, with operating experience in successful technology and medical ventures. Today they help bring together talented entrepreneurs, innovative technology and growing markets to form valuable businesses. S3 invests primarily in early stage ventures. This can be several team members who have a unique technology that can become a category defining opportunity, or a more defined company seeking to launch.
Saban Capital Group
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Saban Capital Group is a private investment firm specializing in the media, entertainment and communications industries. Saban was established in 2001 by Haim Saban, founder of Fox Family Worldwide, a global television broadcasting, production, distribution and merchandising company owned in partnership with The News Corporation until its sale to The Walt Disney Company in October 2001.
Saban Ventures
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Saban Ventures is the venture capital investment arm of Saban Capital Group (SCG), a private investment firm and specializing in the media, entertainment, and communications industries. Saban Ventures was formed by SCG in 2008 to invest in early-stage to mid-stage start-ups in digital media, mobile, and consumer Internet with an emphasis on companies that can add value to SCG’s global media investments.
Sacramento Angels
Offices: Sacramento, California
The Sacramento Angels is a group of individuals who invest in early-stage Northern California companies. The group meets once a month over dinner and listens to presentations from candidate companies. If some members show interest in a presenting company, the group facilitates their efforts to share further due diligence. Members act on their own behalf and make individual investment decisions. Membership is open to individuals who are accredited investors.
Safeguard Scientifics
Offices: Wayne, Pennsylvania
Safeguard Scientifics builds value in growth-stage technology and life sciences businesses by providing capital, as well as a range of strategic, operational and management resources. Their expertise and leadership help accelerate growth, build long-term value and enable business transformation for each of their partner companies. Through more than 50 years of service, Safeguard has helped build great companies that become market leaders.


Saffron Hill Ventures
Offices: London, England
Saffron Hill Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund.  They were founded in December 2000 by a group of investors that collectively bring an international network of relationships, financial resources, and business expertise. Their typical investment size is 500,000 - 2 million. The nature of early stage investing requires frequent contact with companies they invest in, but several have a presence in the US.


Offices: Paris, France
The obstacles faced by mid-sized businesses looking to grow generally result from their lack of access to industrial investors who, in addition to providing capital, can also help them shape a medium- to long-term strategic vision. As a shareholder, Sagard is positioned to fill this gap. It focuses on investments in mid-sized businesses operating primarily in France and francophone Europe.
Sage Capital Partners
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Sage Capital Partners has total committed capital in excess of $55 million. Investors include financiers, top executives, and founders of successful companies representing a broad spectrum of industries. They actively pursues investment opportunities across several industry sectors. In general, Sage focuses on companies with revenues between $20 and $150 million.
Sageview Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Greenwich, Connecticut
Sageview Capital is an investment firm with over $1 billion of assets under management that brings a "private equity approach" to public market investing and also selectively pursues private investments. They are long-term investors with a target investment horizon of three to five years or longer. They engage constructively and collaboratively with a company's management team and board of directors.
SAIF Partners
Offices: Hong Kong-Beijing-Shanghai, China
SAIF Partners is a leading private equity firm that provides growth capital to companies in Asia. Their primary areas of focus include business services, financial services, communications, consumer services, education services, healthcare, & manufacturing. SAIF Partners was founded in 2001 and currently manages over $2 billion across three funds, with over 60 investments over the last 6 years.
SAIL Venture Partners
Offices: Costa Mesa, California & Arlington, Virginia
SAIL Venture Partners is a national venture capital firm They invest primarily in early-stage companies in the energy/cleantech sector. Sail seeks early and growth-stage energy/cleantech investment opportunities with technologies that are superior and offer the prospect of exceptional returns. They typically will invest $500,000 to $5 million per portfolio company.