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Rabo Private Equity
Offices: The Netherlands
Taking advantage of its access to all the expertise of the Rabobank Group, Rabo Private Equity serves its customers via three different specialized labels: Rabo Capital; Rabo Participaties, and; Rabo Ventures. Rabo Capital takes up majority stakes in Dutch companies ranging from EUR 10 million to EUR 100 million and acts as partner for local and foreign private equity houses or strategic parties.
Rabo Ventures
Offices: The Netherlands
Rabo Ventures is, since 2002, a captive arm of the Rabobank Group. Rabo Ventures invest in the cleantech industry, covering the European and North American markets. The team covers amongst others: clean energy, clean air, clean water, advanced materials, energy efficiency and environmental technologies, Rabo Ventures focuses on direct early stage investments up to Euro 6 million.
Racebrook Capital
Offices: New York, New York & London, England
Racebrook Capital is a private investment firm founded in 2004 to capitalize on increasing prospects and disintermediation in the real estate and capital markets. They invest principally in real property—including but not limited to direct or indirect interests in improved and unimproved real estate, loans, and securities including non-performing commercial mortgage loans and other real estate related assets across North America.
Radiant Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Radiant Partners is a commercial real estate company with demonstrated expertise and success as owner/operator of regional, enclosed shopping malls; “B” office buildings in “A” locations; and, public parking facilities. Radiant has embarked on joint venture projects to develop relationships with great operators seeking investment stakes themselves.


Radius Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
Radius Ventures is a venture capital firm focused on leading-edge health and life sciences companies. Formed in 1997, Radius searches for the winners of tomorrow—entrepreneurs whose ideas and talents qualify them to pursue large market opportunities successfully. They seek opportunities across a broad spectrum including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, medical devices, services and healthcare/life sciences information technology.
RAIN Source Capital
Offices: St Paul, Minnesota
RAIN Source Capital provides a solid template that makes it possible for people who’d like to be active investors to step up to the plate. Through the RAIN funds, individual angel investors can share the expertise, the capital, the work, the risk and the financial and emotional rewards of supporting entrepreneurs, building growing companies, and having a positive impact on their community, as well as making money.
Ramius Capital Group
Offices: New York, New York
Ramius Capital Group, the global alternative investment management business of Cowen Group, offers a broad range of alternative investment vehicles. Ramius, its affiliates and operating partners have extensive expertise in the structuring, ownership, management, financing, and construction of all real estate property types. This approach is opportunistic and always focused on market inefficiencies.
Rand Capital
Offices: Buffalo, New York
Rand has invested over $36 million dollars in Western New York-based companies over its thirty+ year history. Rand will typically invest from $50,000 to $500,000 that could be part of a total investment package ranging up to $5,000,000. This allows Rand the opportunity to invest in future fundraising efforts of the company. Typically Rand will not invest more that $1,000,000 in any one company.
Offices: Stockholm, Sweden & Oslo, Norway
Ratos is a listed private equity company. Ratos’s business concept is to generate, over time, the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in a number of selected companies and investment situations, where Ratos provides stock market players with a unique investment opportunity. Added value is created in connection with acquisition, development and divestment of companies.


RBC Venture Partners
Offices: Toronto, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec
RBC Venture Partners is a strategic investment arm of Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group specializing in pre-venture capital in selected high growth, emerging sectors, where a significant level of scientific, technological and entrepreneurial expertise and nurturing are needed to accelerate market-ready companies. Their mission is to create and invest in world leaders in the commercialization of science and technology in emerging growth sectors.
R Capital
Offices: London, England
R Capital is a specialist private investment business providing growth and turnaround funding for UK and European businesses. R Capital moves quickly and effectively to assess and action investment and restructuring opportunities. R Capital has over €70m in funds and will consider transaction sizes from €0.5m.
RCG Ventures
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
RCG Ventures is a privately funded real estate investment group acquiring real estate in the Continental United States. Their primary acquisition focus is anchored shopping centers in secondary and tertiary markets. However, they continue to explore opportunities in the office and hotel markets. Their mission is to become the premier owner of multi-tenanted real estate in the Continental United States.
RCT Bioventures
Offices: Tucson, Arizona
RCT BioVentures is the vehicle through which Research Corporation Technologies invests in start-up or early-stage companies whose technologies promise patented biomedical products with a clear competitive advantage. RCT has assets of more than $300 million to advance technology development. Their commitment usually ranges from several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars.
RDA Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
RDA will invest in private equity transactions as principal or lead investor in diverse companies and projects in a variety of industries. RDA believes that successful investments require more than capital to create value. RDA seeks to identify talented management and then works with management to develop a shared vision to create or enhance enterprise value. Since 1993, RDA and its affiliated entities and investors have invested in more than 30 companies and situations.