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Offices: Brisbane, Australia
QBF was established by the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC) in October 2002 as its venture capital arm specialising in biotechnology. Like any other QIC Fund, QBF’s purpose is to maximize investment returns for QIC’s clients. QBF does not provide grants or other forms of assistance. The Fund invests in listed or unlisted companies which are commercializing Australian discoveries in drugs, devices or diagnostics.
Offices: Shanghai, China & Seattle, Washington
At Qiming Venture Partners they build lasting relationships with you—China’s best new entrepreneurs; the invest in you and in your vision of creating value; and they bring together their whole team and network of veteran Chinese and global executives and investors to help you achieve long term success. Qiming invest in fast growing, young companies across the country, with a particular focus on the critical and dynamic sectors.
Quad C
Offices: Charlottesville, Virginia & New York, New York
Quad-C is a private investment firm that specializes in investing in profitable businesses valued between $50 million and $500 million and growing them in partnership with management. Their transactions provide liquidity for owners, capital for growth and significant equity opportunities for key management. They provide long-term, patient capital to the owners and managers of middle market companies.
Quad Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Quad Partners was founded in 1999 to make value-added private investments in education, training and related media businesses. Quad's principals have extensive and complementary industry and financial expertise. They have led successful education and media businesses, schools and a US state. Quad manages $100 million of capital from leading financial institutions, foundations and family groups.

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Quadrangle Group
Offices: New York, New York
Quadrangle Group is a private investment fund that specializes in the global media and communications industries. Quadrangle looks to partner with superior management teams in companies where their experience, relationships and capital can help create long-term value. Quadrangle manages over $1 billion in capital. Investors include a broad range of leading institutions, executives of leading media and communications companies.
Quadrant Private Equity
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Quadrant Private Equity has $765 million of funds under management specifically dedicated for investing in private equity. They take a balanced approach to creating a diversified portfolio of investments encompassing management buyouts, management buy-ins and growth capital opportunities. Quadrant Private Equity is one of the leading private equity providers in the Australian market.
Quaker BioVentures
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Quaker BioVentures is a venture capital firm investing only in life science companies. The firm leads investments across the spectrum of the life science industry, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, human diagnostics, specialty pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services. Quaker BioVentures invests in companies at all stages of development, from early stage businesses to public companies.
Qualcomm Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Qualcomm Ventures seeks to drive demand of wireless Internet services to increase usage of CDMA technology worldwide. Qualcomm's strategic investment experience has benefited their portfolio companies in the following areas: communications devices and applications; wireless communications components & infrastructure; and, wireless software infrastructure, platforms, and services.