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Pacific Equity Partners (PEP)
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Pacific Equity Partners (PEP) is a leading Australian private equity firm focusing on buyouts and late stage expansion capital in Australia and New Zealand. The firm provides capital resources, additional operating and transaction experience and an extensive international network to assist the management and leadership team of a selected business move closer to "full potential".
Pacific Road Capital Management
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Pacific Road Capital Management is managing the US$320 million fund.  The fund invests in mining projects, related infrastructure and services businesses, as a direct investor or joint venture partner. Pacific Road is distinguished by its focus on project potential and their team has an operating orientation. The business strategy is grounded on establishing a true partnership between investees and investors.
Pacific Venture Group
Offices: Encino-Irvine, California
Pacific Venture Group serves as the lead investor in early and expansion-stage companies with high growth and profit potential across all segments of healthcare. Their venture capital professionals are committed to using their experience and contacts in concert with Management to build successful companies which are leaders in their industry.
Pacific Venture Partners (PVP)
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan
Pacific Venture Partners' dedicated team of professionals provides the industry knowledge, technical expertise, operating experience, financial strategies and global resources to help young, innovative ventures grow into world-class companies. The PVP team approach to investing and portfolio management is paramount to their success in building strong, sustainable and profitable companies.

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Pac Link Management
Offices: Taipei, Taiwan & Sunnyvale, California
Established in 1998, Pac-Link Management Corp. has a management team of broad experience, knowledge, and extended business relationship, which enable it to provide the portfolio companies with multi-dimensional services of strategy, management, finance, investment and networking. Pac-Link helps the portfolio companies grow rapidly and consequently bring fund investors opulent rewards.
PacRim Venture Partners (PVP)
Offices: Palo Alto, California
PacRim Venture Partners is a private venture capital fund with investors from the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong. They focus their investments on early-stage information technology companies in Silicon Valley. The PVP team has a broad range of expertise in the information technology arena, including venture capital investing, technical engineering, software development, sales and marketing experience, as well as entrepreneurial and operational successes.
Paine & Partners
Offices: Foster City, California
Paine & Partners is a private Equity firm that focuses on investing in situations where addressing complexity and developing creative solutions for sellers, creates value through management buyouts, going private transactions and company expansion and growth programs. Using their industry, transactional and financial expertise, Paine develops high-potential investment theses and identify specific opportunities.
PAI Partners
Offices: Paris, France
PAI partners is one of the oldest and most experienced private equity firms in Europe with its origins dating back to Paribas Affaires Industrielles, the historical principal investment activity of Paribas, the pan-European merchant bank which merged with BNP in 1999. PAI partners is an independent company, owned by its partners, which manages and advises dedicated private equity funds.