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K1 Ventures
Offices: Singapore
K1 Ventures is managed by highly experienced investment professionals. K1 specializes in strategic  investments, with a view of creating platforms, and will take minority or controlling positions based on the facts and circumstances surrounding each opportunity. Through management's extensive relationships, K1 identifies strategic investments that are believed to have a value gap between a company’s current value and future potential value.
K9 Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
K9 Ventures is a true “early stage” venture fund that provides funding and support for concept-stage and seed-stage technology companies. They work with entrepreneurs to help evaluate, evolve and fund a company in its nascent stages. K9 Ventures focuses on startups in the San Francisco Bay Area that have a strong entrepreneur/team, an idea that has a clear path to revenue, which can be capital efficient and where we can add value.
Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Offices: Oakland, California
Kaiser Permanente Ventures, the corporate venturing arm of Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of the communities they serve through effective partnerships with entrepreneurial teams. This activity is intended to benefit Kaiser Permanente's members, communities, employees and physicians. National Venture Development is chartered with developing a portfolio of ventures and venture investments.
Kansas Venture Capital
Offices: Leawood, Kansas
Kansas Venture Capital is a licensed Small Business Investment Company that provides equity and mezzanine capital primarily to small and middle market midwestern companies having potential for substantial growth and long-term equity appreciation. They have funding capacity of approximately $50 million consisting of $13 million in equity and $37 million in SBIC leveraged capital availability.

-Kansas- (cont.)

Kansas Women's Business Center (KWBC)
Offices: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
The Kansas Women's Business Center has been in operation since July, 2000. KWBC is a resource community designed to help women entrepreneurs as they grow their business. KWBC develops, consults, and mentors women entrepreneurs at all stages of their business. As a program of the Enterprise Center of Johnson County KWBC offers a host of services designed to enhance a client's entrepreneurial and general business knowledge.
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
KarpReilly is a private investment firm whose primary mission is to partner with premier growth companies and help them achieve their long-term vision. KarpReilly currently manages funds and affiliates with initial capital commitments totaling $310 million. Over the past 15 years, the principals of KarpReilly have invested in, sat on the boards of and nurtured over 25 growth companies.
Katalyst Venture Partners
Offices: Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
Katalyst Venture Partners is an early-stage technology fund raised in the summer of 2000. Its limited partners include Comcast Interactive, GE Capital, Mellon Ventures, Liberty Media Corporation, Apax, Cox Communications and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This fund is fully invested. In December 2002, Katalyst merged its investment arm with New World Ventures, aventure firm with a focus on early-stage technology and telecommunications companies.
Kaufman Realty Group
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Kaufman Realty Group believes an understanding of real estate fundamentals, macro trends and capital markets is essential to making successful real estate investments. The key personnel at Kaufman have extensive experience in structuring real estate transactions, which include acquisitions of existing assets, developments and joint ventures as well as restructuring debt. They pride themselves on being prudent risk-takers, not speculators.


Kayne Anderson
Offices: Los Angeles, California
The firm manages approximately $8.3 billion in alternative investments through a number of investment partnerships using multiple strategies, including private structured investments in oil and gas companies (Energy), absolute rate of return investing (Rate of Return), private equity investments of both a control and non-control nature (Private Equity), and three publicly traded closed-end funds.
KBL Healthcare Ventures
Offices: New York, New York
KBL is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in early stage and emerging growth healthcare companies. Their goal is to identify companies that are run by seasoned management teams and that have the potential to create long term value. They feel that the convergence of biology, chemistry, physics and computer science will spark the creation of several new paradigms within healthcare.
KB Partners
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
KB Partners was established in 1996 to make investments in early-stage technology companies in the Midwest. KB's objective is to build dominant new enterprises by working in partnership with talented entrepreneurs and experienced managers. KB Partners manages two venture funds totaling in excess of $95 million. The firm's investors include high net worth individuals, investment companies and institutions with which KB has established relationships.
Kearny Venture Partners
Offices: San Francisco, California
With over $330 million in capital under management, Kearny Venture Partners is a venture capital firm exclusively focused on healthcare products. They believe that the opportunity for entrepreneurs to devise innovative solutions in healthcare has never been greater. Significant unmet needs in healthcare continue to persist, representing large potential market opportunities for safe and effective products.
Kegonsa Partners
Offices: New York, New York
The Kegonsa Seed Fund is a private equity limited partnership. The Fund's investment focus is on seed venture capital investments: being the first investor in new companies. When the fund invests, typically the only portfolio company employees are the founder/inventor entrepreneurs. The average initial seed investment for the fund is approximately $500,000. The Co-Invest Fund invests side by side with the Kegonas Partners in second- and third-round financings.