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Jacob Ballas
Offices: New Delhi, India
Jacob Ballas Capital is a non-banking finance company founded in 1995. Their shareholders and management have a strong international and domestic relationship network and its team has extensive professional experience in a number of industry sectors including financial services. Their interests are strongly aligned with external shareholders, creating a unique operating philosophy in the organization.
Jacobs Private Equity
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
Jacobs Private Equity was formed to make a substantial equity investment in a company with the potential for exceptional value creation under the leadership of Bradley S. Jacobs. On September 2, 2011, Mr. Jacobs became the chairman of the board of directors of XPO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE Amex: XPO) upon completion of an equity investment in XPO Logistics led by Jacobs Private Equity. He will also serve as the company's chief executive officer.
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
In the complex business world that exists today, it takes a combination of many skills and resources to build a business and make it a success. At JAFCO Asia, they understand the vital role that true partnership plays, so they work closely with their portfolio companies, that is, their entrepreneurial partners. They aim to continue to be recognized as a leading brand in the venture capital industry focused on technology related investments.
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
JAFCO is an investment management company investing in unlisted enterprises under the business philosophy “Value Creation through Private Equity”. Their fund investors include financial institutions, business corporations, and pension funds. Their strength lies in their organization-based investment activities that make use of an extensive network developed over 35 years, post-investment VA (Value-Added) activities, and a global investment structure.


JAFCO Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California & Waltham, Massachusetts
JAFCO is a leading global venture capital firm that has been ranked in the Top Ten Listings of such publications as Forbes and Red Herring for 1999 and 2000. They are focused on a balanced investment strategy across all segments of the IT sector. With over $750 million under management, and over 155 years experience in private equity investing, entrepreneurialism and operations, JAFCO Ventures is a leading global venture capital firm.
James Irvine Foundation
Offices: San Francisco-Los Angeles, California
The mission of The James Irvine Foundation is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. James Irvine, a California agricultural pioneer, established the Irvine Foundation in 1937 to benefit the people of California. Since then, the Foundation has met the objectives of its founder by providing over $1 billion in grants to more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations.
Japan Asia Investment Co (JAIC)
Offices: Tokyo, Japan
JAIC is an independent venture capital company and now ranked one of the nation's largest. JAIC helps unlisted venture companies with high growth potential to procure capital and contributes to their growth and improvement of corporate value by offering information and supporting IPOs and providing consultation, along with M&A and MBO proposals. JAIC is continuing to work toward its objective of becoming a distinctive financial group.
Jarvinian Venture Fund
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
The Jarvinian Venture Fund has been established to seek opportunity in this wholly new Information Technology revolution, whose size and scope dwarfs that of its most heralded predecessors. Spanning the Core Infrastructure, Advanced Components, and Enabled Media sectors, Jarvinian's IT Mobility Initiative represents one of the private equity industry’s most focused and ambitious efforts to finance disruptive innovation in young technology-driven companies.


JatoTech Ventures
Offices: Austin, Texas
At JatoTech Ventures, they are focused on helping talented entrepreneurs build great technology companies. This mission drives them and everything they do, from how they organize their firm to their investment strategy. Their strength is their team. They have three principals plus their affiliates who bring their experience and expertise together to help their portfolio companies succeed.
Javelin Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Javelin Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital firm specializing in technology based start-ups that leverage key innovations to create scalable, high-growth companies. Javelin Venture Partners' investment professionals are proven new-technology entrepreneurs with the ability to identify exceptional businesses and management teams, and help them achieve great success.
Jay Street Capital
Offices: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Commercial real estate investors readily make the trip to Jay Street Capital. As a leading structured finance advisory shop, they’ve traveled down many financing avenues. Because they offer a wider range of services, they can deliver more options to you. The Jay Street principals and board of directors have a deep background in the real estate markets having taken advantage of both the market downturn in the early 1990s as well as its recent boom.
JC Flowers & Co
Offices: New York, New York
JC Flowers & Co is a private equity firm focused solely on the financial service sector. Its latest fund has over $7 billion in commitments from investors.