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Hackman Capital Partners (HCP)
Offices: Los Angeles, California
Hackman Capital Partners is a private real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, management, development and adaptive reuse of industrial and commercial real estate. Founded in 1986, HCP pursues value-added and opportunistic investments nationwide. They focus on undervalued or distressed real estate, financial restructurings and other unique opportunities where they navigate complex processes to create value.
Hadley Capital
Offices: Wilmette, Illinois
Hadley Capital is a private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in or acquiring small, established companies. THey like to partner with successful small business owners and managers to help them continue to grow their companies. The typical business Hadley considers has revenue between $5.0 million and $20.0 million and EBITDA between $1.0 million and $3.0 million, although they have invested in businesses that are both larger and smaller.
Hale Capital Management
Offices: New York, New York
Hale Capital Management is emerging as one of the world's leading private investment firms. They specialize in providing both financial resources and operational expertise to help transform undervalued companies into industry leaders for long-term success and value creation. At Hale, they bring a patient and value-added investment approach focused on actively helping talented executives grow.
Halifax Group
Offices: Washington, DC
Halifax was formed in January 1999 to capitalize on the rising number of opportunities for equity investments in small private companies with total enterprise values of less than $100 million, which often fall outside of the transaction size parameters of larger investment entities. Their goal is to form partnerships with proven management teams, bringing not only capital to the small market but also a wealth of strategic, financial and operating experience.
Hall Capital Partners
Offices: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hall Capital Partners invests between $2 million and $25 million in partnerships with family-owned businesses, management teams and entrepreneurs. They partner with private businesses to provide capital for acquisition or support growth and expansion. Their experience in mergers and acquisitions and effectively managing growth serve as a resource to the business partners their capital supports. They also partner with private business owners to buyout shareholders.


HALO Technology Holdings
Offices: Greenwich, Connecticut
HALO Technology Holdings is a global provider of a diversified range of standards-based enterprise software applications and on-demand solutions. HALO's strategy is to acquire and operate private and public enterprise software companies with a commitment to sustainable growth. HALO portfolio companies focus on customer service, product quality and profitability to build long term customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction today and into the future.
Halpern Denney & Co
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Halpern, Denny & Co. is a private equity investment firm focusing on growth-oriented management buyouts and high growth, late stage expansion financings. The firm has more than $600 million committed capital to back strong management teams focused on driving their companies to leadership positions in their respective industries. Halpern, Denny & Co. was founded in 1991 by former executives of Bain & Company and Bain Capital.
Halyard Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Halyard Capital is a private equity fund with over $500 million of capital under management focused on investing in media, communications and business services companies. The fund specializes in middle-market leveraged buyouts, growth equity and structured equity investments. Halyard invests in control positions or non-control investments with strong governance rights.
Hamilton BioVentures
Offices: San Diego, California
Hamilton BioVentures is a venture capital firm (with $100 million under management) investing in talented entrepreneurs bringing new Life Science technology enterprises to market. Hamilton BioVentures invests in companies developing dramatically better treatments for major human diseases and other medical conditions. Their investments generally take the form of direct equity in early-stage companies located on the west coast.
Hamilton Lane
Offices: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hamilton Lane offers investors a full spectrum of discretionary and non-discretionary private equity asset management products and services.. Their philosophy is that private equity portfolios should balance an appropriate degree of diversification across vintage years, managers, geographies, and sub-asset classes, with an emphasis on backing managers who are expected to generate above-average results over time.

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Hamilton Robinson
Offices: Stamford, Connecticut
Hamilton Robinson is a private equity firm that specializes in serving small to middle size companies seeking equity capital for management buyouts, corporate growth, and recapitalizations for shareholder liquidity. Since 1984, their firm and principals have organized and managed investments involving over 40 companies, representing more than $1 billion of value.
Hampshire Equity Partners
Offices: New York, New York
Hampshire Equity Partners has been investing as a team since June 1990. Their partnership now concentrates primarily on investments that involve buyouts, recapitalizations, growth financings, and consolidations, although they continue to make debt and equity investments in companies that are undergoing financial restructurings. Their flexible investment parameters allow them to invest during all phases of the economic cycle.
Hampton Roads Angel Network
Offices: Hampton, Virginia
The Hampton Road Angel Network is facilitated by the Hampton Roads Technology Council, the technology nerve center for the southeastern region of Virginia named Hampton Roads. Through the following initiatives, this member-driven non-profit organization is transforming the region and its technology companies into world-recognized technology.
Hana Financial Group
Offices: Seoul, South Korea
Hana Financial Group is one of South Korea's leading financial-services companies and one of world's top 100 financial groups. The company began in 1971 as Korea Investment & Finance, the nation's first financial company established with purely private capital. Throughout its history, Hana Financial Group has crated value for clients.
Hancock Park Associates (HPA)
Offices: Los Angeles, California & Houston, Texas
Hancock Park Associates focuses on controlling equity investments across a range of industries, although the firm naturally gravitates towards manufacturing and specialty retailing, areas where the firm has significant experience. Each of the firm's principals has significant operating experience which allows HPA to seek out investments in businesses where present management needs to be supplemented.