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Frontenac Company
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Frontenac Company is a 33 year-old private equity investment firm with more than $1.0 billion under active management. Through its CEO1st investment approach, Frontenac teams with proven executives to acquire and grow middle market companies providing services and value-added products, primarily to business customers. Frontenac has extensive experience in addressing complex transition issues.
Frontera Group
Offices: Sherman Oaks, California
Since 1996, the partners of Frontera have been investing in venture capital opportunities. They then formalized Frontera Group in 2002 to invest in early-stage businesses that target large, fragmented and high growth markets with unique and differentiated products and services. Frontera focuses on emerging companies that are on the verge of taking their product and/or service to market.
Frontier Capital
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Frontier Capital is a private equity investment firm that provides expansion capital to high growth service companies. Many of these companies utilize technology as a differentiator. They have a proven solution in the marketplace and need capital to accelerate growth. The firm invests throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions. Investments are typically $1 to $3 million in conjunction with a $2 to $10 million equity financing.
Fruition Ventures
Offices: La Jolla, California
Fruition Ventures is a group of private equity investors focused primarily on earlier stage companies with competitive advantages in information technology, intellectual property and innovative business models. Participation is typically in the form of direct investment, operational management and/or advisory role. Fruition is directed by an accomplished team of business investors, managers and entrepreneurs.
FTV Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California & New York, New York
FTV Capital invests in companies with innovative ideas, established business models and proven management teams that value their collaborative approach to building great companies. FTV Capital offers deep domain expertise and unique access to potential customers through its Global Partner Network, a group of the world's foremost financial institutions that have invested in FTV Capital.


Fulcrum Capital Group
Offices: Culver City, California
Fulcrum Capital Group is a private equity investment manager that manages three separate private equity capital pools. As an investment manager, Fulcrum assembles capital pools from qualified investors and invests that capital on their behalf in privately held businesses that are important in minority and urban communities. These companies typically have sales from $5 million to $75 million with growth opportunities.
Fulcrum Capital Partners
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Fulcrum Capital Partners is a private equity partnership focused on providing expansion capital and MBO/MBI funding to companies with an enterprise value of up to $100m. Formed by experienced private equity executives who have between them invested in more than 32 growth companies, the fund backs great management teams partnering with them to achieve their goals.
Fulcrum Ventures
Offices: Atlanta, Georgia
Fulcrum Ventures is private equity firm focused on providing expansion capital to rapidly growing companies. The three founding partners have significant operating experience in senior leadership positions of successful, rapidly growing companies, and collectively have over sixty years of related industry expertise and have participated in over 300 transactions. The firm provides equity investments of up to $5 million.
Fundamental Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fundamental Capital is a private equity firm that invests in companies generating revenue between $5 million and $50 million. Through their team of founding investors and operating partners, they partner with management teams by providing hands-on strategic and operating guidance to help companies achieve their full potential.
Fundamental Technologies II (FTII)
Offices: Coquitlam, British Columbia
Fundamental Technologies II is a corporation that allows investors to participate in the returns from a portfolio of actively managed synergistic investments in emerging technology companies. While solo angel investing can occasionally lead to some spectacular returns, on average they believe a vehicle like FTII is a better choice for most investors. FTII offers accredited investors a way to participate in this exciting asset class.

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Fund for Arkansas' Future
Offices: Little Rock, Arkansas
The Fund for Arkansas' Future is a member-managed, angel investor fund formed for the purpose of capitalizing early-stage, Arkansas-based companies with the obvious goal of generating strong returns for their investors. Their members (investors) comprise some of Arkansas' premier business and community leaders who are focused on driving economic development through the creation of high-growth companies. considered.
Fung Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fung Capital is the private equity partnership of Victor and William Fung, of Li & Fung Ltd. They will consider early-stage investments as well as expansion rounds, management buy-outs, or joint ventures. While they usually act as lead sponsor of a transaction, they also co-invest with other private equity firms in larger transactions. They can take minority or majority investment stakes.
Funk Ventures
Offices: Santa Monica, California
Funk Ventures Capital Partners (FVCP) invests in and supports the growth of highly promising companies that can significantly impact people, society or the environment in a positive way. Using a flexible hybrid structure of venture funds, managed syndicates and its own capital, FVCP is able to take advantage of investment opportunities at levels ranging from seed to expansion stage. At FVCP, they understand the entire scope of value-add venture investing from start-up to IPO.
Fuse Capital
Offices: Palo Alto-Los Angeles, California
Fuse Capital is a dynamic, evolutionary partnership, but they are not new to the business. Their partners have led large companies like Fox Interactive Media, Inktomi, Alta Vista and start ups like and Webvibes, and have invested in standouts like Broadcom, PairGain, Ascend, SiteSmith and Chromatis. They are focused on working as a team with their partners.
Fusion Capital
Offices: Chicago, Illinois
Fusion Capital is an innovative, broad-based investment fund. They offer a wide range of investment products ranging from special situation financing to long-term strategic capital and are dedicated to meeting the business needs of their partner companies. Fusion Capital invests in publicly traded companies who demonstrate a clear business vision and the ability to execute on this vision. They seek to make investments of between $5 million and $50 million in each partner company.