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Foundation Capital
Offices: Menlo Park, California
Foundation Capital isn't an investment banker. There not obsessed with money. And because of that, they're able to keep their focus where it belongs: on the many different facets of creating and building successful enterprises. To that effort they bring their own real-world experience at startups, their contacts and a commitment to work at their side to create a company they can all be proud of.
Foundation for the Carolinas
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Foundation For The Carolinas has announced the re-opening of the Critical Need Response Fund, a charitable effort undertaken last year to meet the extraordinary levels of need in their community caused by the economic downturn. Charlotte's philanthropic community has established a new program to encourage the creation of a more effective, efficient and innovative nonprofit sector.
Founders Collective
Offices: New York, New York & Cambridge, Massachusetts
Founder Collective is a seed-stage venture capital fund, built by a collection of successful entrepreneurs. Founders Collective expects to generate returns almost exclusively from seed stage investments. Hence, they have the same incentives as founders to increase the value of the company in future financings. They are also comfortable with smaller exits if that's what the founders want.
Founders Co-op
Offices: Seattle, Washington
Founders Co-op is a seed-stage investment fund. They've pooled the resources and expertise of more than a dozen successful entrepreneurs and early-stage investors to make bets on smart people with great ideas. They also work hard to create an open and supportive community among our family of entrepreneurs, because starting companies can be lonely, and the most useful advice typically comes from people who've been there before or are right there with you.

-Founders- (cont.)

Founders Equity
Offices: New York, New York
Since 1969, Founders Equity has been actively engaged in private equity investing and enhancing the value of small to mid-cap enterprises. All of its principles have had significant operating experience and, accordingly, Founders Equity strives to be added-value partners with entrepreneurial owners and management teams. It focuses on later-stage growth equity investments, recapitalization or buyouts. Founders Equity has a $140 million fund and is actively adding to its portfolio of companies.
Founders Fund
Offices: Quincy, Massachusetts
While their venture experience is deep, what truly sets Founders Fund apart is that they have each started and grown their own companies. They understand why people choose to start companies instead of pursuing the anonymous safety of working for others, and they understand all the challenges and rewards that come with starting your own business. They have been through every stage of the start-up process, from inception to IPO.
Foundry Group
Offices: Boulder, Colorado
Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology, Internet and software startups. Their passion is working alongside entrepreneurs to give birth to new technologies and to build those technologies into industry-leading companies. They invest in companies across North America. Their current venture fund of $225m was launched in late 2007 and is managed by five managing directors.
Fountain Healthcare Partners
Offices: Dublin, Ireland & New York, New York
Fountain Healthcare Partners is a spin-out group from Elan Corporation’s venture capital group. While at Elan, the team invested in over 25 life science companies, developing the next generation of products and technologies to address unmet medical needs. They will invest in private companies at all stages of development with an emphasis on companies with experienced management teams seeking capital to fund product development activities.

-Fountain- (cont.)

FountainVest Partners
Offices: Hong Kong-Shanghai, China
FountainVest Partners is a large private equity fund dedicated to the China market, with about US$1 billion under management. The fund invests in companies that are leaders, or potential leaders, across various industries, and works closely together with the management team to build nationally or internationally leading businesses. The fund's investors include some of the most well known global financial investment firms.
Four Hats Capital
Offices: Sydney, Australia
Four Hats strives to provide superior, consistent returns commensurate with the nature of private equity and venture capital investments. Four Hats Capital has a blue chip institutional investor base and invests in life sciences, IT and other technology based companies. Four Hats Capital manages the Nanyang Innovation Fund.
Four Seasons Venture Group
Offices: Oslo, Norway
The Four Seasons Venture Group is one of the oldest and largest alternative asset management houses in Norway. Established in 1985 by Birger Nergaard, later joined in 1986 by Gunnar Rydning, Four Seasons today manages funds of NOK 1,42 billion (Euro 175 million). The company offers its investors a broad deal flow in Europe and in the US through the partnership with Advent International and in the Nordic partners.
Fox Paine
Offices: Foster City, California
In partnership with management, Fox Paine specializes in providing solutions and capital for management buyouts, public-to-private transactions and growth capital investments. They participate exclusively in friendly, cooperative transactions with the aim of creating tangible value for all parties involved. Founded in 1997, their firm currently manages more than $1.5 billion, and their partner companies operate in over 30 countries.
Francisco Partners
Offices: San Francisco-Menlo Park, California
Francisco Partners, with $2.5 billion of committed capital under management, is one of the world's largest technology-focused buyout funds. They were founded on the premise that superior returns accrue to investors who combine a deep industry focus and knowledge base in technology with a highly rigorous investment style to identify investment opportunities that are overlooked or too complex to be understood by conventional wisdom.