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Flagship Ventures
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Flagship Ventures is an entrepreneurship and venture capital firm comprising a family of funds: OneLiberty Funds, AGTC Funds and NewcoGen Group. Flagship currently invests from $400 million in funds raised in 2000, and manages a total pool of committed capital approaching $600 million. The Flagship Ventures team consists of 31 professionals focused on creating, financing, and building companies.
Flecther Spaght Ventures (FSV)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Fletcher Spaght Ventures is a venture capital fund investing in emerging growth high technology and healthcare companies. Established to build substantial, long-term capital appreciation, FSV invests in companies with: familiarity/experience with the company; promising business potential; financing led by top-tier venture capital firm. Included are companies in the areas of IT, Internet, software, telecom, medical devices, healthcare and biotechnology.
Florida Angel Investors
Offices: Miami, Florida
Florida Angel Investors are all individuals with experience in new venture formation. In early 2003, they decided to organize themselves in order to achieve better efficiencies, reach and diversification. Their objectives are: Fraternity—They aim to network with fellow investor peers, Equality—All members are asked to participate; voting rights are based on investment into fund, Profit—They aim to earn early stage venture capital returns on their investments, and education.
Offices: Menlo Park, California
FLOODGATE helps today’s most ambitious entrepreneurs develop tomorrow’s great business success stories. They’ve developed a new approach to investing in world-changing ideas, which they call the Super Angel Approach. Looking at the world through the eyes of the entrepreneur, they’ve filled a widening gap between Angel investors and venture capital firms.
Florida Growth Fund
Offices: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The Florida Growth Fund manages $250 million of capital dedicated to prudent investment in technology and growth related businesses with significant presence in the state of Florida. The Florida Growth Fund will seek to enhance Florida’s capacity for development, growth and innovation while simultaneously generating an attractive return for the Florida State Board of Administration.

-Florida- (cont.)

Florida Gulfshore Capital
Offices: Naples, Florida
Florida Gulfshore Capital is a growth equity investment firm focused on mid and late stage venture capital companies and small to mid market private equity opportunities. Their firm combines the investment talents of their partners with the rich operating experience of successful business executives in Southwest Florida.
Fluke Venture Partners
Offices: Bellevue, Washington
Fluke funds high-growth venture opportunities in the software, communications, healthcare, business and consumer services, and specialty retail sectors. As the most experienced active venture fund in the Northwest, Fluke Venture Partners has a tradition of assisting entrepreneurs in building successful and enduring companies. They view their relationship with each management team as a long-term partnership.
Flybridge Capital Partners
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Flybridge Capital Partners are an early-stage venture capital firm with $560 million under management. Their goal is to find talented entrepreneurs and then partner with them to build exceptional and valuable companies. They focus on providing guidance and perspective in a complimentary way to the entrepreneurs they invest in and help them build connections to soar to the next level.
Flywheel Ventures
Offices: Menlo Park, California & Santa Fe, New Mexico
Founded in 1999, Flywheel Ventures is a Southwest/Rockies-based seed and early-stage venture capital firm focused on information technology and physical sciences. The firm matches talented entrepreneurs with market opportunities where Flywheel’s capital, entrepreneurial experience and industry relationships help accelerate innovations into profitable companies.
Focus Ventures
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Focus Ventures invests in privately held, expansion stage technology companies. Focus seeks communications and software companies that have completed initial product development and have begun the marketing of their products and/or services. Most of the technical risk is behind them, and they are seeking additional capital to further expand their sales and marketing efforts. Focus Ventures investments are typically in the $3-15 million range.


Fog City Capital
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fog City partners with existing management to grow middle-market businesses into industry leaders. Their team of professionals and advisors combine hands-on entrepreneurial skills with extensive backgrounds in managing global services and product companies. Their experience includes growing fledgling startups into large public companies through rapid sales growth as well as through acquisitions.
Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ
Offices: Montreal, Quebec
The Solidarity Fund QFL was created out of the Québec Federation of Labour’s desire to set up a venture capital firm in Québec whose mission would be to create and maintain quality jobs while at the same offering its shareholders a good return on their investment. Over the years, Fonds de Solidarite des TDQ has solidified its foundation by building  vast investment network across Québec.
Foothills Angels
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Foothills Angels is a group of successful entrepreneurs and business people. Their investment interest includes clean technology, software, internet and life science companies. They focus primarily on early stage companies in Northern California. They meet once a month, with the exception of August and December.
Forbion Capital Partners
Offices: Naarden, The Netherlands
The Forbion team is specialized in the evaluation of late stage preclinical/early stage clinical development programs. They focus on companies that have innovative technologies and drug development programs with unique advantages over current treatments. Furthermore, they invest in biomedical technologies with a focus on interventional cardiology.
Forerunner Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
While tech savvy venture capital firms are flocking to the opportunity, there is little institutional participation from traditional consumer oriented investors, as the vast majority of established funds have not yet adapted to serve this increasingly attractive segment. The Forerunner team offers a competitive advantage in this arena, given a focus and an intimate understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes, and experience with helping to scale development stage companies.