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Felicis Ventures
Offices: San Francisco, California
Felicis Ventures combines angel investing, active mentoring and advisory services to offer a more beneficial approach for the entrepreneur. Their focus is mainly on early stage, consumer internet start-ups. While majority of their investments are in Silicon Valley and the East Coast of the US, talented entrepreneurs from any country are welcome.
Fenway Partners
Offices: New York, New York & Los Angeles, California
Fenway Partners, dedicated to building long-term value through direct investment in leading middle-market companies, is a private equity investment firm with funds under management of more than $1.4 billion. In partnership with management, Fenway invests in companies with strong market positions and significant opportunities for growth. The firm provides capital funding and strategic guidance to improve the operating and financial performance of its portfolio companies.
Ferd Ventures
Offices: Colibria, Norway
Ferd Venture is one of Norway's leading venture capital investment companies. Ferd Venture invests in technology-based companies that offer significant potential, and focuses mainly on Nordic companies. Ferd Venture has significant capital reserves available for new investments. Ferd Venture invests in technology-based companies that are looking for capital and have the potential to create a competitive market advantage.
ff Venture Capital
Offices: New York, New York
ff Venture Capital partners with startups that can be the low cost, disruptive player in their respective industry. With the right management team and adequate financing, our companies can grow to become tomorrow's leaders. Their goal is to build great companies and generate significant returns for their partners: management teams and investors alike.


FF&P Private Equity
Offices: London, England
FF&P Private Equity is focused on investing into dynamic, growth companies in the UK lower-to-mid market. They invest between 5m—25m in companies valued from 10m to 75m in a variety of situations including, inter alia, minority investments, management buyouts / buy-ins, development and replacement capital. Through their extensive network of contacts and working in partnership with their portfolio companies.
Fidelity Growth Partners
Offices: London, England
The roots of Fidelity Growth Partners go back 40 years to the very beginnings of the venture capital industry. Their predecessor firm, Fidelity Ventures was founded in the United States in 1969 when Harry Hoagland, who had worked for 30 years with George Doriot president of American Research and Development (ARD), was invited to review Fidelity's venture interest, share his experience and make recommendations.
Fidelity National Capital
Offices: Jacksonville, Florida
Fidelity National Capital provides customized and highly competitive information technology financing solutions to major companies nationwide. Their turnkey financial solutions can package all hardware, software, installation, maintenance and services into a total lease solution that is customized to match your business requirements.
Fifth Street Capital
Offices: White Plains, New York & Los Angeles, California
Fifth Street Capital is a private investment firm focused on providing custom tailored financing solutions of $5-$50 million for historically profitable middle-market US companies across a broad range of industries. Since 1998, the firm has provided capital to support expansions, acquisitions, management buyouts, and recapitalizations.
Fillmore Capital Partners (FCP)
Offices: San Francisco, California
Fillmore Capital Partners is a private real estate equity firm specializing in structured investments in operating intensive sectors. Their current investment portfolio exceeds $5.7 billion and outstanding capital commitments exceed $1.0 billion. FCP serves a growing list of large institutional pension funds and a select group of private investment companies.


Offices: Santa Monica, California
Finaventures focuses on early and mid-stage technology ventures, specifically semiconductors, components, software, systems and emerging technologies. Opportunities need to address a large US market and have a strong European component to their international strategy. Their management team works closely with founders and entrepreneurs, and brings significant value-added between which is their extensive network and their operational experience.
Finistere Ventures
Offices: San Diego, California
Finistere Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm. Finistere believes that early stage investments offer outstanding opportunities for superior fund returns. Their experienced team of professionals lend significant entrepreneurial, science and business expertise to help grow their portfolio companies and have the deep industry networks to provide a clear pathway to exit for their investors and companies alike.
Finnish Industry Investment
Offices: Helsinki, Finland
Finnish Industry Investment Ltd is a government-owned investment company whose mission is to promote Finnish business, employment and economic growth through venture capital and private equity investments. Finnish Industry Investment invests in funds and directly in growth companies in all sectors. The investment focus is on growth, internationalization, spin-offs, major industrial investments, and sectoral and corporate restructurings.
Firelake Capital
Offices: Palo Alto, California
Firelake Capital Management is a hybrid investment fund, driven by proprietary fundamental research in three areas where they believe technology can significantly disrupt the economics of the current market—information technology, energy technology, and material science. Firelake Capital's private investment information flow makes their public-company analysis more sophisticated than those of standard investment funds.
Fireman Capital Partners (FCP)
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
At Fireman Capital Partners, they don't have much time for theoretical models or formulas. They've learned from experience—experience building, running, owning, selling and advising some of the world's most dynamic and successful companies—that you can't tell a business how to grow. FCP looks at how it runs, how it connects with consumers, how it can grow and what they can do to help.