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Fairhaven Capital Partners
Offices: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fairhaven Capital Partners was formed by the Managing Directors of TD Capital Ventures, which they founded in 2001. The Managing Directors' market knowledge coupled with relevant operating and entrepreneurial experiences have attracted entrepreneurs to seek funding from Fairhaven Capital. They are proud of their investments in early stage companies, which are leaders in consumer, enterprise and information security markets.
Falconhead Capital
Offices: New York, New York
Falconhead Capital is a leading private equity firm founded in 1998 with over $500 million under management focused on making private equity investments in lower middle-market companies participating in the consumer, leisure/lifestyle and media sectors. Falconhead targets control transactions, facilitating an active ownership approach whereby Falconhead can leverage its substantial financial, operational and strategic resources.
Falcon Investment Advisors
Offices: Boston, Massachusetts
Falcon Investment Advisors is a private equity firm that invests subordinated debt and equity capital in leading middle market companies. Falcon manages over $1 billion of capital and is actively seeking to invest $10 to $75 million per transaction. Falcon has extensive leveraged finance and private equity experience and has earned a reputation for being flexible, creative and responsive.
Falfurrias Capital Partners
Offices: Charlotte, North Carolina
Falfurrias Capital Partners acquires or invests in lower, middle-market businesses.  The firm was founded in 2006 by Hugh McColl, Jr., the former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, and Marc Oken, the former CFO of Bank of America. The firm is focused on making private equity investments.  By leveraging the extensive strategic and operational experience and business relationships, they are positioned to be a value-added partner.
Farallon Capital Management
Offices: San Francisco, California
Farallon's investment philosophy is to invest in businesses and securities that are undergoing change. Farallon’s investments are primarily those in which a known or expected event (a merger, restructuring, recapitalization or other major change) will cause an appreciation in the value of the particular investment. Investments include public and private debt and equity securities, direct investments in private companies and real estate.


Farwell Capital
Offices: La Jolla, California
Farwell Capital invests in ventures formed by it or by related investors or entrepreneurs. The company also considers investments in start-up and early stage companies as well as publicly traded micro-cap equities whose businesses involve rich Internet applications, information services, wireless applications, specialized e-commerce, and interactive media. Farwell Capital does not generally consider investments outside its core area of interest.
FBR Technology Ventures
Offices: Arlington, Virginia
FBR has significant experience with all phases of early-stage business investment: assessing, structuring, managing and realizing value from startup companies. Since 1997, FBR has been helping entrepreneurs build market-leading companies and providing investors access to early-stage venture capital investing opportunities. Through its five venture capital funds, FBR has made investments in 64 companies.
F&C Private Equity
Offices: London, England
F&C Private Equity aims to exploit the growth of private equity globally to generate superior returns. In recent years their portfolio has broadened considerably, most notably into Continental Europe where the manager has benefited from the expansion of the use of private equity to finance the growth of smaller and medium-sized companies. Managers seek to unlock value from unquoted companies and the venture capital sector.
FdG Associates
Offices: New York, New York
FdG Associates is a leading private equity investment firm with a strong track record of partnering with management in recapitalizations and management buyouts of middle-market businesses. They are differentiated from other sources of capital by the unique combination of skills provided by their principals and a business philosophy derived from their founding families that is truly focused on partnership.
FedCap Partners
Offices: Reston, Virginia
FedCap Partners, a private equity fund focused on the Federal contracting industry, had its initial closing on February 5th, 2010. The managing member of FedCap Partners is FedCap Advisors, whose managers and owners are Rick Knop and Leslee Belluchie. FedCap plans to make both minority and majority equity and debt investments and provide advice from industry experts to enable the Fund's portfolio companies to become attractive targets for acquirers.